Best Miele Canister Vacuum Reviews of 2024 (Bagged and Bagless)

Last updated on December 27th, 2023

Overview of Miele Canister Vacuums

miele logoIf you are looking for a quality vacuum cleaner then you sure need to buy a quality Miele canister vacuum that really gives you value and performance and makes it an ideal vacuum for first-time owners. Most of the canister vacuums from Miele come with power brushes and comfortable deluxe ergonomic handles. These vacuums are recommended for all types of carpeting and hard floors.

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Normally, the canister vacuum offers the best blend of performance and price that surely ends up giving you value for your money. The best budget canister vacuum from Miele comes in different models and different features so these vacuums are quite functional and last for a long if maintained properly. You can also buy the light-weighted Miele vacuum for bare floors too. The floor vacuum cleans your bare floors without even spitting dust back on the floor.

The Miele canister vac is good for allergy sufferers as it wipes clean even dust particles. It comes with a good quality filter that can trap a large amount of very small particles that other vacuum cleaners would recalculate back. The quality filter and the sealing that comes with it ensure that no small particles are let back into the air.

You can really find the best one in terms of quality performance the canister vacuum from Miele as it stands out simply as the best vacuum in modern vacuum cleaning technology. They are fitted with high-powered cleaning motors that are adjustable for cleaning and innovative design without compromising the excellent quality of the Miele Brand.

You can shop for Miele vacuum cleaners through the online store which offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners that are developed in unique designs. Plus the online sites are efficient enough to ship you the vacuum in a fast processed way without any shipping charges.

Plus the customer support center of Miele Company is always ready to extend a helping hand and try to assist you in the best possible way. The best thing of all is that the Miele vacuum cleaners come with a 7-year motor and casing warranty and a 1-year warranty for all other components. If the product is not up to mark and this gives you the confidence that you are buying a quality product without any risks involved the advanced filtration system and the height-adjustable handle allow a true artistic touch while cleaning your home.

Owning a Miele canister vacuum gives you the chance to avail yourself of all the accessories that come with it and help to increase its functionality. It is a German product and gives you quality performance in a fast-forward way. After using it you surely breathe clean air and feel the freshness in the air.

We highly recommend you visit the Miele website at as you can find various useful information like dealer locations, contact details, download product manuals, technical services, etc.

Top 5 Miele Canister Vacuum Reviews

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and a good quality vacuum cleaner is the holy grail of all cleaning products. There are many variations in the size and features of vacuum cleaners available in the market. Each type has a specific functionality. In this part, you’d be familiarized with the top-rated Miele canister vacuum cleaners.

#1. Best Budget – Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction

Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner Check the price now

This is one of the best budget-friendly canister vacuum cleaners available in the market. It is packed with the following features:

  • Powerful Motor: A Miele Classic C1 pure suction model is equipped with a powerful 1,200-W Miele-Made Vortex Motor giving it a strong suction for efficient cleaning. It means you only need to exert the bare minimum, and the machine does all the work.
  • AirClean Filter: There are three separate filters in this model that ensure maximum dust filtration to keep the air clean. These filters are the Miele air filter bag, motor protection filter, and exhaust filter.
  • 6 Suction Control: This vacuum cleaner gives you the freedom to set the suction as desired with six suction setting options. For ease of control, the settings can be changed via a rotating dial.
  • Two in one Floorhead: The two in one floorhead feature makes it suitable for cleaning both a hard floor and a low-pile carpet. You do not need to change the floorhead for switching between the two surfaces. There is a switch on the lower part, which can be pushed by foot for better comfort.
  • Accessories for more functionality: To reach difficult surfaces or intricate designs, you can’t go on with the same floorhead. The Miele Classic C1 canister model comes with three super useful accessories: a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, and a crevice tool to rescue these difficult-to-reach surfaces.
  • Read the review: Click here to read our editor’s review about this Miele model.


  • Best price for the features, budget-friendly Miele vacuum model
  • More mobility with a wand for above-floor or hard to reach cleaning
  • Consider lightweight and easy to carry
  • Impressive cleaning radius of 29.5 feet
  • 7-year warranty for motor and casing; 1 year on other parts and labor.


  • Less suitable for medium to high-pile carpeted floors
  • Not using the HEPA filter but their AirClean filter is good too.

#2. Best Splurge – Miele Complete C3 Marin

Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner Check the price now

If the budget is no restriction for you, then this product is highly recommended. It is not only highly stylish but also comes with outstanding features as follows. You also can read our recommendations on expensive canister models here.

The features highlights:

  • Powerful – This unit is power by a 1200-watt Vortex motor and it’s made in Germany.
  • HEPA filter: The high-efficiency particulate air filter, shortened as HEPA filter, is necessary for the highly polluted metro cities. Miele Complete C3 Marin comes with this filter, providing you with cleaner and safer air.
  • AirClean sealed technology: This added feature is a blessing for people with allergies or asthma as it cleans the air of allergens.
  • Automatic settings: Unlike the Miele classic vacuum cleaner where you had to control the suction to work on carpeted areas manually and hard floors, C3 Marin automatically perceives the change in surface and controls the suction as necessary.
  • Cleaning radius: with its impressive 36-foot radius of area coverage, you can easily reach places without worrying about unplugging it. This model is specifically designed for the best cleaning experience.
  • Suitable for all areas: With the comfort of the Miele SEB-236 Powerhead, this model can do deep cleaning, picking the pet hair; and Miele SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush can reach areas like below the furniture, under baseboards, etc.
  • Unbias review: Read our editor’s full review on Miele Complete C3 Marin.


  • Works on all kinds of hard floors and carpets (and suitable for allergy sufferers too)
  • Front head LED to let you clean the dark areas.
  • Durability (it has a 20-year average life-span)
  • A powerful cleaner yet significantly quiet
  • It is a powerhead cleaner that can make cleaning faster and easier.


  • Expensive unit.
  • Comparatively heavy as it’s close to 40 lbs.

#3. Best for Hard floor – Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor

Miele Complete C2 hard floor Check the price now

This model boasts of an adjustable height feature making the vacuuming effortless. There are many reasons why we choose this model as the best cleaner for the hardwood floor. It comes with the following super useful features:

  • Motor Power: It’s powered by a 1200-watt Miele-made Vortex motor.
  • Six suction settings: There is a separate setting available for draperies, throw rugs, furniture, etc. The total of 6 suction settings makes it compatible with multiple surfaces and areas.
  • Gentle on the floor: The C2 hard floor vacuum cleaner is equipped with a gentle and soft parquet brush suitable for low-tile carpets. Besides, the metal glide sole is suited to even the most sensitive floors.
  • Ergonomic handle design: This feature bundled with the height adjustability facility makes Miele complete C2 the easiest-to-handle vacuum cleaner. The handle feels comfortable in your hand, and the telescoping steel wand can change the height with just a simple push button.
  • 180-degree rotation: The twister floor brush in this model provides a rotation of 180 degrees making for a smooth maneuver to reach every corner.
  • Wider floor head for more coverage: The floor head attached to this vacuum cleaner is quite large. It has large areas of a 33’ cleaning radius and is faster than the cleaners with smaller floor heads.
  • Full review: Click here to read the unbias review or go to for more info.


  • A silent cleaner that allows you to carry out the cleaning task anytime.
  • A silent machine that used a bagged, AirClean sealed system to keep the air fresh at home.
  • Easy to maneuver with 3 non-marking wheels.
  • Wide cleaning areas with the help of a telescopic wand.
  • It comes with several attachments to ease your cleaning jobs.


  • Does not have the rotating bristle brush.
  • Not using the HEPA filter. To use the HEPA filter, you can purchase it separately.

#4. Best Bagged Model – Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction

Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Check the price now

For people who like to use canister vacuum cleaners with bags, the Miele Compact C1 pure suction can be a great choice. It is suitable for houses with pets and works amazingly on multiple surfaces. It comes with the following features:

  • Suction power: Same with other Miele vacuum models, it’s using a 1,200-W Miele-Made Vortex Motor. It is also quiet compared to many other vacuum cleaners.
  • Compact with AirClean system: Do not be fooled by its small size and compact design. The AirClean exhaust filter ensures maximum filtration for a freshening air environment.
  • Best bagged vacuum in the price range: The price of this Miele bagged vacuum is super affordable, and the bag has an impressive capacity. You would not need to change the attached bag now and then.
  • Efficient for floor cleaning as well as dusting: the attachments that come with this vacuum cleaner allow you to not only get dust-free floors but also double up as a duster. As compared to a handheld duster, dusting with the upholstery tool provided with this vacuum cleaner is a lot more effective.
  • Attached accessories: Like the Miele Classic models, the Compact series also comes with three useful accessories to improve its functionality. The best thing is that these accessories are attached to the hose making it more convenient and handy.
  • Review: Read our editor’s review now or check out more info here.


  • An affordable and low sound Miele bagged vacuum cleaner.
  • Includes SBD285-3 Rug & Floor Combination Floor Nozzle for cleaning both hard floors and carpets.
  • Lightweight and powerful with an ergonomic handle to ease the cleaning
  • Three swivel casters for easy maneuverability; 29.5 feet cleaning radius with auto retract cord.
  • 5 liters filter bag capacity with auto-positioning


  • It does not come with a HEPA filter. You would need to buy it separately.
  • No powerhead can be used on this machine, good with turbo head only.
  • Less effective when cleaning medium to the high-pile carpet.


#5. Best Bagless Model – Miele Blizzard CX1 Pure Suction

Miele Blizzard CX1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Check the price now

One of the preferred to use bagless canister cleaners, Miele Blizzard, comes with various features that are worth for you to explore. It is not heavy, which means it is suitable to be carried and can be used on stairs without breaking your back.

The following are some of the vacuum’s main features:

  • Power suction – As similar to other Miele models, it’s powered with a 1200-watt, Miele-made Vortex motor.
  • 4 different power settings: This means it can go from the highest setting to the lowest very smoothly, making the transition from carpets to hard floors effortless. The settings can be manipulated with an electric rotary dial. It also ensures you can keep the noise levels in check by setting it at lower power.
  • Lifetime HEPA filtration: for anyone who suffers from allergies or cannot stand any dust, the washable HEPA filter that comes with this vacuum cleaner is a blessing. Also, there is a clean stream fine dust filter, and together these two filters ensure that you get the most dust-free vacuuming.
  • Soft twister parquet floorhead: the floor head on this model deeply cleans the hard floors and the carpets while caring for them at the same time. It is gentle on the surfaces and doesn’t leave any scratches.
  • Easy dust disposal: To empty the collected dust, it features a click-to-open mechanism, ensuring that no dust escapes back. The canister’s hard plastic interior works well so that no dust is left to stick to the sides due to static.
  • Review: Click here to read our editor’s review about this Miele vacuum model. To find out more details about this model, visit this page.



  • Durable, Germany engineered bagless canister that proven to last longer than average cleaners.
  • A quiet vacuum that you can do cleaning even at night while others are sleeping and the dogs will not run away.
  • A powerful and light cleaner that is able to picks up the small items, dust & dirt leaving on your floors.
  • Bagless convenient & save cost as Miele vacuum filter and bags are not cheap.
  • Long 3-year limited warranty.


  • You might require an additional power brush for high-pile carpets.
  • The price is considered middle-high for average people.
miele canister vacuums

Summary of Miele Models of Canister Vacuum

Miele produces lots of models and basically, there are divided into few series: the Classic, Compact, and Complete as well as the Blizzard (bagless) series. The following are the models that are currently in the market. Those that we recommend we will write a review and put the hyperlink to it.

1. Miele Classic C1 Series

2. Miele Compact C1 Series

3. Miele Compact C2 Series

4. Miele Complete C2 Series

5. Miele Complete C3 Series

6. Miele Bagless Series

Following are the comparison chart for each of the Miele bagged canister series:

Miele bagged canister vacuums comparison chart

Tips to Maintain the Miele Canister Vacuums

If you decided to own a Miele vacuum, then the following are some of the tips to help you maintain the vacuum better.

  1. Examining the ventilation indicator

Attach a floor brush for the vacuum cleaner. Perform this kind of test with all the floor brush only, since some other attachments make a difference in the function of the airflow indicator.

  1. Turn the vacuum on and select the maximum power establishing the setting

Lift a floor brush slightly over the floor. In the event the marker entirely fills the particular indicator windowpane, the airborne dirt and dust bag has to be changed.

  1. Replacing the AirClean filtration

Do not necessarily use multiple filters at the same time. Open the particular dust pocket lid. Open the filtration frame right up until it keys to press, grasp the particular clean nook (notice arrow), and eliminate the used filtration. Insert the newest filter.

  1. Exchanging exhaust filters

With regards to the model, there is often an active HEPA exhaust filter included which is often used as opposed to the standard Air Clear exhaust filter. So that you can use the particular Active HEPA filter mid-air clean filtration and filtration frame that need to be taken out.

  1. Replacing the particular exhaust filter

Open the dirt and dust compartment lid. Remove the particularly used exhaust filter. Insert a fresh filter. Close the dirt compartment lid.

  1. Changing the thread catcher

Changing the Miele floor brush utilizing a knife or perhaps a similar thing, lift the particular thread catcher out from the slot from the red marking privately. Insert a fresh thread catcher into the slot.

Final Thought

After all, Miele is a company that produces various types of top-notch vacuums. Every model of vacuum that is released to the market is highly praised and gets high ratings from the customers. However, the price of the Miele vacuums is not cheap.

Out of the many Miele bagged series, I would recommend you refer to the comparison chart above and see what you need. Then, from there you can nail down the particular model available on the series and choose the best option. So, if the price is not your constraint, getting a Miele canister vacuum is definitely a great choice for your house cleaning needs!

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