Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum Review

Last updated on August 30th, 2022

Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum Review

Have you felt frustrated to spend time infrequent cleanings or corners of the place? Here is great news for you. Welcome to one of the best innovation of vacuum cleaners.

The Kenmore 81214 200 series bagged canister vacuum series can be the best canister model that works on different kinds of wipes or floors. It’s a durable product that comes with a dual-motor system. The motor system regulates the suction power or brush roll agitator. You can adjust the vacuum cleaner on the fingertips easily.

The vacuum also has a floor head that it is lowered or raised with a comfortable foot paddle. That’s why you can make close range suction on the carpets or woods look clean. It comes with the quick attach that is secured the adjustable band for the household vacuuming. It removes the dirt or dust effortlessly.

Now you can clean the area conveniently with features like retractable cord or on-board attachment. Overall, Kenmore 81214 200 series bagged canister vacuum is very fast or unproblematic.

Features of Kenmore 81214 200 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum

The following are some of the great features you can expect from this bagged canister vacuum:

  • Sturdy or efficient

The product is moderate in weight, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot control the vacuum easily. You can easily roll the vacuum throughout the floor. The brush for suction is operated by a separate motor that provides a full range of power for the cleaning options.

  • Use HEPA filtration

Regardless of other vacuums that have standard filters or perform a poorer job of finding the particles. The Kenmore 81214 200 series bagged canister vacuum contains a HEPA filter. The type of filter traps the particles excellently, or it will work on small particles approx 0.3 micrometres. These particles are smaller than the diameter in the average stand of the human air.

Even the vacuum is installed to capture the airborne contaminants. When the storage bag is full, an indicator light turns on it retells to replace the dust bag.

  • Two motor speed

It can be a great product that comes with two separate motors. It means the vacuum is working effectively in or it has fewer odds of short circuit issues. These series provide the effortless cleaning to all the hunting householders. You are just a click away to keep the home clean by getting the powerful cleaning tool.

  • Long power cord with auto retract

It comes with a long 24 feet power cord, or you do not make to face more issues to change the outlet. It can be a convenient feature of the series that never disappoints you. You get a wide range of control on the handle, and the telescopic wand offers more than 9 feet of reach to extend the vacuum range.

It can be one clean vacuum that will work effectively for a long time. It’s definitely a must-have product for the effortless household cleaning as well as keep dogs and cats clean.

  • Multi surface cleaner

When it comes to change the height adjustment you can change in four different settings or you can push the pedal with a foot. Now you can effectively use the canister vacuum to clean the hard floor, or carpets as well.

  • Easy moving and fast cleaning

The vacuum can rolls effortlessly from one area to another. It comes with oversized wheels, or the head is equipped with the best bumper to protect the furniture. It has 14-inch motorized and wide cleaning path to capture plenty of debris or dirt at faster time.

The motorized suction cleaner is more powerful and more effective especially removing the dirt & pollens from the carpets. Check out some of the recommended vacuums with motorized head.

  • Three onboard tools

It can be a comfortable vacuum, or you can make it comfortable by pressing the floor nozzle. It’s a great service dual come with several attachments to clean the duster frequently. For convenience, it has three attachments that will help to prevent trips or falls. The machine also comes with standard 1-year warranty.

So, overall this is an affordable canister that is above average. We would rate is machine 4.0 out of 5 stars rating to show the value of this machine.

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The Pros and Cons of this Canister Machine

Kenmore 81214 200 series bagged canister vacuum

The big question is how to choose the best canister vacuum. You should ask several questions before you purchase the canister machine. For example, what type of canister you want – bagged or bagless?

Of course, analysing a model strengths and weaknesses is a must as you will have clearer picture on the overall performance of the unit compare to other similar canisters.


  • Perfect function with two separate motor system
  • Using HEPA filter can capture small particles of 0.3 micrometers
  • Lightweight cleaner: 19.4 lbs for easy maneuverability
  • It has a 9.3” telescoping wand to extend the vacuum reach
  • Come with 3 additional attachments
  • 24” power cord with automatic cord rewind
  • The price is average and affordable (below $300)


  • No headlights or swivel
  • Several parts are makes from cheap plastic
  • It’s little difficult to remove or attach the parts. It might get a few tries.

Why buy the Kenmore’s product?

Keep the home clean and free of dust can be a time-consuming task. You can make this hectic task easy by getting a vacuum cleaner. However, you are ready to shop vacuum cleaner that is not so much difficult.

It’s mandatory to get the vacuum cleaner that will meet your cleaning needs and Kenmore is one of the brands that you can trust. The Kenmore 81214 200 series is one of the cheapest bagged model by Kenmore that you can rely on.

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Why choose

Amazon was started in 1995, or now it’s a tremendously popular online store for purchasing products all over the world. When it comes to getting greater delivery of products very happily (even free for their Prime member), you can choose Amazon. Because of world-class customer service or commitment, Amazon is widely known and trustable.


Kenmore 81214 200 series bagged canister vacuum is designed to offer the great suction adaptability or airflow. Overall, this is a multi-surface cleaner that you can rely on if you intend to get a new machine.

Before starting to use the canister model, it’s recommended to read the manufacturer’s instructions, or it will help to make better use of vacuum. It’s mandatory to maintain the vacuum cleaner or take care of all the parts of frequently.

Now you can say goodbye to all the dust in with Kenmore 81214 200 series bagged canister vacuum. It can be a handy companion that comes with powerful suction or lightweight material.

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