Is Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum Good? Read Review Now

Last updated on April 10th, 2019

Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister VacuumThere are so many vacuum cleaner reviews for Panasonic MC-CG902 canister vacuum available online and most of the thoughts in these reviews are saying that this product has provided many customers with fairly high rates of satisfaction.

What you must also learn with this cleaning tool is that this has been given with best buy rating from the famous consumer magazine. That is why this is considered as one of the best value for money canister vacuum in the market now.

What is also good with this machine is that it is powered with Panasonic OptiFlow™ Technology, and composed of cutting edge attachments for ease of cleaning. It works well on hard floors as well as area rugs.

Of course there are many excellent features that are worth to explore and that is why we write this article with the hope that it can help you to know the insight-out of this machine before you get it. Just to let you know that this cleaner is currently having offer at, click here for more info.


Here Are The Great Features of Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum

In fairness with this machine, this is considered as those with standard features same as what you can find in the canister vacuum. It comes with 12 amp power canister vacuum cleaner. Because of this, it provides quality suction features to most people. Aside from that, this also comes with power nozzle and a motorized type of brush bar. Because of this, this great canister vacuum will also be perfect on carpets and the brush bars can be turned on and off so that it will be safe on bare floors. There are two rows of bristles you can find in the brush bar which is very much helpful in terms of dislodging debris and dust from the carpet.

Another good thing that many people noticed with Panasonic MC-CG902 canister vacuum is that this comes with HEPA system. This makes the cleaning time very much easy and the dust will not spread too much in your house. Furthermore, there is also presence of overload protector that will enable turning off of the nozzle motor in case it is already obstructed with dirt and other stains on the floor. Because of this feature, it also helps in terms of protecting the belt and the motor. The machine also comes with four different adjustments in height and this feature will also accommodate varieties of carpet lengths.

Let’s summarized the features of this Panasonic vacuum in point-form for easy viewing:

  • Powerful “bag” canister with 12 amp suction motor with Motor Protection System for better cleaning ability.
  • It uses HEPA filter to capture all the small particles for better and fresher environment.
  • The 4-postion manual adjustment for proper carpet and bare floor adjustments
  • On/off switch at the handle for easy control. It uses E-Z Grip handle to reduce fatigue.
  • Power nozzle with overload protection reset to stop the power nozzle motor when brush jams.
  • The thermal protector can prevent the vacuum from overheating.
  • The 360-degree hose swivel allows the hose to turn without moving the canister.
  • It has headlight and 24 foot power cord with cord reel.
  • On-board tools include: upholstery, floor and dusting brush, crevice tool and (2) chrome wands
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty.
  • If you want to get the Panasonic MC-CG902 canister vacuum now, you can get them on sale through this link.


Let’s See the Pros and Cons of This Canister Vac


  • Good Consumer Reports test results, especially on emissions.
  • The HEPA filtration system makes the cleaning time very much easy and the dust will not spread too much in your house.
  • The low profile wide cleaning path (14-inch) is excellent and let you clean larger rooms faster.
  • 4-position height adjustment for proper carpet and bare floor adjustments.
  • It uses good quality brushes (real hair bristles on the dust brush).
  • Lots of people praise this canister vacuum because of its auto-rewind features as the cord is 24-feet long which is pretty long.
  • It has several excellent attachments available that will enhance the quality of cleaning moment especially cleaning places like under furniture’s, corner and above floors cleaning. Examples of these are upholstery brush, floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool and two chrome wands.


  • A bag vacuum that needs to be empty and replace from time to time. So, there is some cost involved but luckily the bags are cheap.
  • Tool & bag lids are hard plastic so be gentle with them.
  • No a lightweight cleaner, it’s slightly heavier than normal canister or cylinder vacuum.
  • It uses 3 filters for bag, HEPA and motor protector. This definitely can increase the performance of the vacuum but also cost more when you need to replaces it.
  • The headlight goes off in the floor mode.

Well, we believe that it’s always a good idea to read the existing customer reviews and see what they are saying before you get the vacuum as you will know all the positive and negative comments from them.


Conclusion: A Great Value for Money Panasonic Canister Vacuum

Undeniably, this is one of the great canister vacuums available in the market now. Most of the previous owners of this canister vacuum model are very much satisfied with the features it has. Surely, your investments with Panasonic MC-CG902 will all become worth it. The quality of cleaning is the best and incomparable to other vacuums.

Now, where you can get the vacuum at the best price? No doubt that everyone is looking for the best deal. That’s why we’ve done some research for you and found that offering the machine at the cheapest price.

Purchasing from Amazon was a great experience, shipping was so quick and great customer service, that’s why many people will use and buy through Amazon without hesitation.

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  1. Mary on

    This site is really interesting. I have bookmarked it.

    Do you allow guest posting on your blog ? I can provide high quality articles for you.
    Let me know.

  2. Allan Pendlebury on

    The problem: Smell!!! We had a Kenmore (made by Panasonic) and it didn’t smell. This new (well a year old) Panasonic MC-CG902 smells bad. I have replaced the HEPA filter; blown it out with compressor and still smells. Until reading I was thinking of biting the bullet and getting a different model.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Allan

    • admin on

      hi Allan,
      I recommend you contact Panasonic directly. I don’t know where you come from but you can visit their site and look for contact help.


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