How to Clean Pet Hair from Couch, Car and House Floorings?

If you have an animal like pet or cat at home, you definitely need a reliable vacuum cleaner to get rid of the pet hairs. If you are sick of spending a lot of time vacuuming and still finding pet hair still exists over the house, then most likely your vacuum cleaner is struggling to cope with your pet.

Unless the vacuum cleaner is made specifically for pets, the hair you are sucking up will have an impact on the effectiveness and lifespan of the machine.

You can check out these popular vacuum brands like the Shark, Bissell, or Dyson for perfectly remove the pet hair. Anyway, in the following section we also will recommend some of the good vacuum models to tackle the pet hairs.

In this article, we focus the question of how to clean and remove pet hair from overall a home by using several methods including the best vacuum for pet hair.

how to clean pet hair


Vacuum Cleaners Need to be Made Specifically for Pet Hair

Even if you regularly clean and maintain a normal vacuum cleaner, chances are it still won’t improve the suction or motor lifespan significantly. The best thing to do is to spend some extra money up front and choose a reliable vacuum cleaner that is made specifically to suck up pet hair.

No matter you want to get an upright, canister, stick or even robotic, the vacuum manufacturers nowadays have the vacuums designed specifically for pet hair. This is especially critical if your house has several pets.

With this kind of vacuum, your house will look great, there won’t be an odor when vacuuming, and more important your vacuum cleaner will last for a lot longer. You will feel a lot less stressed as well!

You can choose a perfect vacuum cleaner which has powerful suction and extra pet hair removal tool. Also, you need to know the proper steps to cleaning up the pet hairs.

Recommended Pet Hair Vacuums

Following are several popular pet hair vacuums available at You will find that the uprights, as well as handheld vacs are very reliable. The handheld is cheaper than uprights so if you have budget constraint than small vacuum is ideal for you.

Depend on your house floor types, the canister vacuum is more suitable for hard or hardwood floors while the upright model is recommended for carpeted floors. The hand vacuum is more suitable for quick cleanup including on house furnitures, stairs, car interior, etc.

Following we suggested the reliable vacuum models based on the types of floors:

·      Best for pet hair on hardwood floors: Shark Rocket with DuoClean Corded Stick Vacuum (HV382) – A lightweight, 2-in-1 stick and convertible to hand vacuum.

·        Best for pet hair on carpets: Eureka NEU180B Lightweight Upright Pet Hair Vacuum.

·        Best for hardwood and carpeted floors: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E.

·        Best for Car: Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum; check out our editor’s review on the best car vacuums.

To summarize, a good pet hair vacuum cleaner definitely can efficiently pick up the dog hairs as this kind of vacuum are specially designed for it. However, if you use it for normal cleaning than it may not be so good. For example, the handheld vacuum is not suitable for large area cleaning.


Great Tips for Cleaning Pet Hairs

Following are some of the tips of removing the pet hairs from different floors and areas.

  • Clean Pet Hair from Carpets

First, let’s talk about the best method for removing pet hair from your carpet & carpeted stairs. Begin by thoroughly clean the carpet. You should start cleaning from one end to other to avoid missing some carpet areas.

Before cleaning, you may use some baking soda over your carpet. This is a great strategy for cleaning your carpet because baking soda is also a deodorizer and helps to get release carpet odors.

After sprinkling the powder, wait for some time, maybe about 30 minutes to gives the baking soda softening the stains and odors. Make sure you make several passes over the entire carpet and use necessary attachments that designed for efficient removing the pet hair.


  • Clean Pet Hair from Hard Floors

Every pet owner with hard floors has wondered how to keep hardwood floors; furniture’s clean of pet hair. But the answer isn’t always a simple one. A regular routine of pet grooming and floor cleaning can minimize pet hair from your floors.

Generally, a canister vacuum is great for cleaning the hard floors and look at their accessories. Some models come with attachments that are good for pet hairs removal while other tools can be great addition to help you clean the hard floor.


  • How to Clean Pet Hair from Couch or Furniture?

A very simple tip to get away pet hair of couches is to use a dry, clean kitchen sponge. Use the sponge and run through the couch slowly to remove the pet fur!

The canister model can be a good option to clean under furniture and its corners where pet hair can gather. Choose a lightweight bagged model with HEPA filter if any of your family members is suffering from allergy and asthma.

The following video shows you how to clean pet hair off furniture:

  • How to Clean Pet Hair from Car?


Investment on the hand vacuum can be a greatest yet convenient tool for you to clean the car interior. We recommend Homasy hand vacuum.

Other than lightweight cleaner, there are several other things that can keep your vehicles interior clean and free from pet hairs. Among them includes rubber glove, duct tape, wire brush, pumice stone, etc.

Let’s watch the following video for more info:

  • How to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes?

As pet owners always having difficulty in removing the pet hairs from their clothing, the tips here can help you. We have identified the 5 major tools and teach you how to get rid of it in the following article.

5 Tools to Help You Remove the Pet Hair from Clothes.


Steps to Minimize the Presence of Pet Hair

Even with dedicated home cleaning, it can’t be possible to capture every single pet hair when you clean your carpets, hard floors, furniture. However, follow some guidelines, you minimizing the presence of pet hair.

  • Filters: Use a high-quality air filter like HEPA filter in your entire home and on your vacuum cleaner to capture floating pet hair. This filter helps to reduce other dust particles and decreasing the need for continuous cleaning your home.
  • Proper pet hair attachments: Use powerful vacuum attachments helps to remove pet hair from carpets, hard floors, and furniture. This pet hair tool can be effective to help minimize pet hair throughout your entire home.
  • Brushing: Remember, brushing about two days a week dramatically reduces the amount of fur tumbleweeds rolling through your overall home.
  • Others: Depending on the structure of your home, train your pet to stay off the hard floors. Feed your pet a quality brand of food with plenty of protein. This food will confirm less shed hair from loose or damaged fur.



If you maintain the above guidelines and follow these tips, I hope you your home will be more comfortable for living. This environment will ensure good air quality in your overall home and enhance the sound health of each person of family.

You must remember that to clean pet hair from the carpeted or non-carpeted areas of your home, use different types of vacuum that designed for pet hair removals. Canisters are good for hard floors while upright vac is better on carpets.

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