Tips for Cleaning up Pet Hair with a Canister Vacuum

Last updated on August 29th, 2022

Pet owners love their pet animals but the only trouble that they find a chore to keep is that their hair and fur sheds everywhere around on carpets as well as on hardwood floors. If you have deep pile carpeting in your house, it becomes more difficult to clean.

Having a pet makes cleaning a challenge for owners as their hair and dirt gather deep within your carpets and floors and removal is important for a clean and healthy living environment.

Here we have highlighted some measures that the pet owners must take in order to keep their house bright and clean with their little one living and enjoying freely with them. Now you don’t need to compromise with the companionship fun that you can have with your pet all-around your house.


Preparation for Vacuuming

  • quick vacuuming tipsFirst, get a reliable pet hair vacuum.
  • Check if there are any items on your surface that needs to be cleaned. Remove all such items that can be captured by vacuum and may hinder cleaning operation by causing the blockage. Clean bags will give you maximum suction power that would capture all the dust and pet hair from the floor and elsewhere.
  • Check bin or bag to see how much dirt and dust is lying. If it is close to fully empty. It is recommended that before and after each use, a dust cup or bin must be emptied for proper maintenance of your canister vacuum.
  • Check filters and follow instruction manuals guidelines for washing or replacement when needed.
  • Check the hose to see if it is clean or not? Remove any debris that might be collected inside a hose that may obstruct effective cleaning.

Steps for Vacuuming

  • Begin vacuuming with a proper suction power and height setting.
  • Use a carpet rake to get rid of deeply embedded pet hair within your carpet. Moving the rack back and forth will loosen up all the pet hair that may be hidden deep inside your high pile carpet.
  • If you find large clusters of hair that your carpet rake may have loosed, remove them and then vacuum again.
  • This procedure should be repeated until all the pet hair has been removed.
  • Hard floors are easier to clean that may need only one pass but for carpets, you would need to pass multiple times for complete removal of pet hair.
  • No matter how much care you take about cleaning your pet, these pets surely bring in some annoying odors to your house, and thus when you clean pet hair with a vacuum; even your vacuum will begin to emit some misty scent while being functional. Proper cleaning of your canister would enable you to get rid of those odors:
    • Check all the parts of your vacuum to make sure no hair is accumulated or clogged inside.
    • Thoroughly check the hose and other attachments that you use for cleaning.
    • Clean canister before and after each use and maintain your vacuum according to instructions of the manufacturer.
    • Clean or replace filters.
    • Empty dust bin often.
    • Replace any dust bag or big that has a dirty odor.
    • Use a commercial carpet powder that would absorb the entire bad odor from your carpet and will give you a fresh smelling carpet.

Get a Pet Hair Vacuum

vacuums for pet hair

You can always get a powerful canister vacuum made specifically for the cleaning of pet hair that is usually most effective one for cleaning of pet hair, allergens, dust and dirt particles. This is recommended if in case you have multiple pets in the house and have the fear of pet hair been tangled and spread all around your place.

However, if you are looking for a complete house cleaning, you may check canister vacuum reviews to look for a cleaning appliance with attachments or settings specific for hair removal.

However, getting a device with a complete focus on pet hair may not successfully carry out other cleaning jobs. Most of the vacuum cleaners now have special attachments designed for cleaning of pet hair over varied surfaces and all you need to do is to choose the perfect one for you.

Tip for buying: When buying a particular canister vacuum, consider how many pets you have in the house and the amount of hair these pets shed in your living place. If you have an extreme pet hair shedding around the house, opt for a top of the line canister for pet hair however for one or two pets, you can get a less expensive one.



When you look for a vacuum, you will be able to find expensive, mid-range, and low-price canister vacuums, so the need is to look for features that you need for effective cleaning of your house depending upon your requirements.

Not only choosing the best one would do the job but all these instructions and guidelines that we have highlighted here would make way for efficacious cleaning of pet hair from all-around your house.

Not only you need to get rid of pet hair but you must also make efforts for getting rid of pet odor and allergens so your family can be offered a healthy and safe living environment with a pet/pets in the house.

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