EyeVac Pet Touchless Stationary Vacuum Review

Last updated on August 29th, 2022

Here comes a tiny but powerful machine! Not just it can take away specks of dust in your home, but it is designed for your dog’s or cat’s hair. A small canister that is ready even when your dog and cat are shedding fur all over your floor. With this, your house chores can be easier to do. You can’t find a vacuum cleaner like this.

Sweeping all over your house to make it clean takes a lot of time and can be tiring, too. But with EyeVac Pet Touchless Stationary Vacuum Cleaner all of that will change. In using this appliance, there is a small hole that is used to suck up all the hair and furs of your pets.

Just place them into the hole, and there you have it, all the debris will be gone. And in seconds furs and hairs will be gone. This is because it’s using the infrared sensors to detach and activate the suction when necessary. This is one of the great innovations in the vacuum cleaner industry.

eyevac pet touchless vacuum

eyevac pet stationary touchless vacuum

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What are the Great Features of this Vacuum?

EyeVac Pet also has excellent features too. Following are some of the lists and we know you will love it!

  • Powerful – 1400-watt motor power.
  • Automatic Activation – It is always on for you to not be delayed by pressing buttons.
  • Cyclonic Vacuum Action– With dual filtration system, it works well in cleaning debris weather in floor or air.
  • Bagless vacuum– with a Canister volume of 6.8 qt. and you do not need to buy the bag over the time.
  • Red Light Indicator – to remember you when the bagless canister’s filled up and all set for emptying.
  • Wide Space coverage. It has a compacting action of powerful suction maximize by 3.8 liters large space and reduces emptying cycles.
  • Sleek and Contemporary look can blend in the designs and color of your house. It will also look nice in any angle or any rooms in your house and fit in!
  • No Bending Over – Using a broom and a dustpan when sweeping it allows you to bend here and there, to take away furs and debris. But with this, you won’t suffer backache, and you’ll feel like you’re just walking.
  • Manual Switch allows activation demand that you can choose when to activate or close it.
  • Infrared Sensors that can detect when there is fur, hair, or debris on its suction hole when activating it.
  • Dual High Efficiency Filtration. With this feature, your house cant is polluted with the hair of your pet, and in return, it will make your air fresh when done cleaning.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Are you getting excited about the features you will have when you buy this type of vacuum? Why not try our EyeVac Pet! It will give you great services. It can give you spotless clean floor without debris. We have great features that you’ll find and encounter when using this digital vacuum cleaner.

Let’s watch the video here:

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EyeVac Pet Touchless Stationary Vacuum: The Pros and Cons

We will let you know what the pros and cons of EyeVac Pet are. So you can decide better whether to buy this vacuum. Alternatively, if your house got no pet then you can choose another model – EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum.


  • Amazing for Pet Hair Clean– Up- you will not sniff furs or debris in for the house. With its infrared sensors, it will be easily removed anything out of your floor.
  • Powerful Suction – It may have a tiny hole, but it can suck all the pet debris in your floor without getting stuck in the tube. Its passageway is very slim so that it will not be build up as balls to block the passageway.
  • Easy to Use and Effective – it is easy to use because all you need to do is place all the debris in the bottom hole of the vacuum then it’ll just suck it, and all the debris will be gone.
  • Great Customer Service – It’s a good product plus supported by the helpful support team so definitely a cleaner that is worth to take a look.


  • Noisy Activation – When you activate this vacuum it will cause a small amount of noise that can be a little irritated.
  • Frightening Sound – with its sudden activation it may fight your kids or animals.

eyevac pet advantages

Do you see the benefits that you will get in buying this vacuum cleaner? It has satisfaction and good durability for you to use. It has great features that can satisfy you. It is also affordable and will not be a burden to your pockets.

Eye-vac Pet stationary touchless vacuum – A must have for all pet owners.


Conclusion: Easily Suck Up Pet Hair & Pet Messes

After all, this EyeVac Pet vacuum is highly recommended among the others especially if your house has more than one pet. We are encouraging you to try the product so that you can clean your floor with hairs, furs, and debris of your pets.

But while you are making a decision, think of it as an excellent advantage for your home and you, too. It is healthy for your family because not just your floor is clean. It can also bring freshness to your home. It can also help friends if they have hair allergies from cats and dogs.

So, where to get this vacuum at the best price? We have researched for you and found that Amazon.com is offering this appliance at a very competitive price.

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