8 Effective Tips for How to Get Rid of Pet Dander

Last updated on February 19th, 2023

how to get rid of pet dander

Pet dander is very common for the people to cause allergies and various health troubles. These allergies causes so much agitation in you that you might want to get rid of your beloved pet. It can be caused by cat or a dog.

And as I assume, these both are the most beloved pets for many people. How to get rid of pet dander is a common question that is asked on the Internet. It is because that many people catch infection due to this and it becomes intolerable to live with the pet then.

So, you should know how to get rid of the dander and not your adorable pet. Read on this article to find out how to deal with the dog or cat dander. Also read: Great Tips to Prevent and Remove Pet Hair Buildup.


What Causes Pet Allergy?

Many people with super sensitive immune system usually become a target of pet allergies. Mostly people are twice more allergic of cats than that of dogs. The fur is the prime cause of these allergies.

Basically, the fur of the animal captures the dirt and the dust. People who do not keep their pets clean are more prone to these allergies. It’s from the fur that wherever the pet will sit, the germs will be transmitted, thus creating health problems for you and your family members.

Pet dander is a common allergy that is transmitted. It causes inflammation, itching, swelling, stuffy nose, etc. It all comes down to only one main question: How to get rid of dog allergies or how to get rid of cat dander?


How to Get Rid Of Pet Dander and Allergies?

get rid of cat and dog dander

So, here I would like to introduce some steps that will help you in getting rid of pet dander. This is especially useful if you are suffering from pet allergies but don’t want to give up your pets. Follow the tips here to reduce your symptoms.

  1. Train your pets well

I understand that your pet is more like a family member to you and you don’t like keeping him out from your bedroom or the furniture. But, if you love your family as well, you need to start with a basic training for your pet to stay out of the bedroom or not to climb on the furniture.

You also need to keep him away from the car and the carpeted areas in order to reduce the chances of germs to spread in all the areas of the house.

  1. Get a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter

Vacuuming can also be a great solution to keep dander away from affecting you and your family. You cannot be lazy in this as you might have to vacuum clean the carpet, upholstery, rugs and other areas of the house to protect it from dander.

It is best to use vacuums with HEPA filter as they have the tendency to lock the allergens and dander inside and not let it come out of the machine. Also, if you are not using the HEPA filter, least you can do is to tie a small piece of cloth around your face while you vacuum clean the house.

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  1. Clean your carpet on a regular basis

I would say that the people with pets in their house must not use a carpet. It’s because the carpet has the tendency to store dander and it will only increase your weekly work. It is best suggested to go for tile floor. It is easy to clean and maintain.

However, if you can’t go with this option then you are suggested to shampoo clean your carpet at least once in a week. You are recommended to use vacuum specially designed for carpet cleaning.

clean or mop the floor
  1. Clean the floor at least 3 times a week

Dander is like substantial dirt that can float around in the environment with a blow of air. It is best suggested to mop the tile floor at least 3 times in a week. If you can do it regularly then it will be the best solution.

However, minimum count would be 3 that I can suggest. This will settle down the dander and also abolish it from the ground to a large extent.

  1. Get HEPA filter installed in your house if possible

If you can afford, I would suggest getting HEPA filters installed in your house. While they will run, it will be easy for you to get rid of allergy causing dander in the house. They will extract the dander from the air; leave it fresh and breathable for you.

  1. Include dusting in your routine tasks

Dusting your house on the routine basis with a disinfectant solution is highly necessary. You just need to keep a check on various areas of your house including the walls, tables, cabinets, bookshelves, etc. Don’t forget to use a disinfectant for the task. If possible, also spray the anti allergy sprays in the house. It will keep the environment livable for you.

  1. Use dander killing shampoo to bathe your pet

Best is to use a dander killing shampoo and bathe your cat or dog every day with it. In this way, you can attack the core of the problem and kill the allergies from where they are originating. You cannot miss even a day. It is suggested to use lukewarm water, mix some shampoo in it and give a nice bathe to your pet.

  1. Brush your pet hair

You also need to brush the hair of the cat or dog. It has been claimed by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America that pet hair itself is not allergic. The allergies are caught when the dander begin to grow. You are suggested to wear a face mask while you comb the hair of your pet.

In this way, you will be able to keep yourself safe from the allergies. Also, once you have combed the pet, you need to immediately clean the area. You can either use a disinfectant and mob it or use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dander that is spread on the ground.

So, these are some of the potential ways on how to get rid of pet dander. It is very troubling and might take you to the edge where you have to get rid of your pet. So why suffer by sending away your beloved four legged friend. It is better to kill the problem.

For more tips, please watch the video below:

Final Words

Above listed tips are very important to be followed. As much as you love your pet, it is equally important to keep it healthy for him and your lovely family members.

Please read the tips on how to get rid of pet dander and apply it in your daily life. I strongly believe you can get rid of the dander and not the pet if you follow the tips.

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