Top 10 Useful Vacuum Accessories

Vacuum cleaners are a vital need in houses and at work places for cleaning purpose whether you have a hardwood floor or carpeted or any other material.

When you buy a suitable vacuum cleaner, you can leave all the worries of your varied house cleaning situations for your vacuum with its suitable accessories to handle them.

Your vacuum cleaner when used with right accessories and additional tools will give you maximized performance with versatility.

In order to make a wise investment, you need to first analyze what kind of tools and accessories you need with your vacuum cleaner in order to have a complete house cleaning solution in your hands.

Following are the top 10 additional vacuum tools that can help you in your daily cleaning needs. You may not use all the tools but your canister vacuum will use most of them.


10 Useful Accessories For Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum AccessoriesYour conventional vacuum like upright or canister vacuum may be giving you hard work while cleaning ceilings, corners and with other difficult to clean places but having the below mentioned useful attachments will make your job a whole lot easier.


1. Brush Attachment

A brush attachment adds flexibility of use with your vacuum and enables you to clean all the tiny dust and dirt particles with ease. You can even vacuum keyboards of your computer system, ceiling fans’ tops, mini blinds and other such areas with the use of this brush. You will find this brush useful for a wide range of cleaning tasks with its ability of picking up finest particles with ease.


2. Replacement Bags

While some of the best bag less canister vacuums eliminate the need of replacement bags but for bagged ones, replacement bags are required for proper functionality of vacuums. If you continue to use your vacuum with a filled bag, your vacuum motor will get stressed and it can overheat or get damaged. Thus it is important to replace bags on regular basis to enjoy maximum cleaning performance. Replacement bags are offered in different styles and you may also get some micro-allergens and scented ones to give you house a more pleasant environment.


3. Replacement Filters

In order to give you loved ones a cleaner and healthier breathing space, a vacuum filter is must. As part of maintenance and repair schedule of vacuum cleaner, you need to upgrade vacuums with replacement filters. If filter is not working properly, it might be blowing all the allergens and dust back in the air. You should replace a good quality filter to ensure that it collects and locks pollen, dirt, dust, dust mites, smoke and other allergens from your environment. This accessory is really significant for asthma and allergy sufferers.


4. Extension Wand

Getting an extension wand would not cost you much but would add value to your vacuum and will ensure higher functionality. With the use of an extension wand, you can reach all difficult to clean areas such as high ceilings, tight corners etc. Extended functionality is offered with the use of these wands.


5. Attachment Adaptor

Attachment adaptors prove beneficial in making all additionally bought attachments to work well with your vacuum brand and model. Having an attachment adaptor keeps you worry free with purchase of any attachments and you need not to think about whether that attachment would fit with your vacuum or not?


6. Bare Floor Attachment

For hardwood or tiled flooring, you need to take special care for any scratches or damage that your conventional vacuum cleaner may cause. In such cases where you need to clean your hard floor on regular basis it is best to have a bare floor tool attachment. This attachment eliminates the need of cleaning floor with a broom.


7. Micro Tool Attachment

You do have some spaces in your house that are difficult to reach and for such tiny spots, it is ideal to have micro tool attachment with your vacuum cleaner. This tool can easily clean all the impossible to clean tiny spots in your house that may be filled with lots of dirt.


8. Replacement Belts

Sometimes you may witness that suddenly your vacuum stops working and one reason for non-functioning vacuum cleaner could be need of a replacement belt. Belts are one of the basic components that make your vacuum work well and if a belt is worn out you need to get a replacement belt in order to have your vacuum function.


9. Extension Hose

Moving around a large space can be a problem with the standard size of hoses that most of the low-priced vacuum cleaners offer. In order to work for cleaning around the house with ease, you should buy extension hose that gives you an extended cleaning reach. Usually these extension hoses can give you a reach of around 20 feet thus keeping you from the need of dragging your vacuum cleaner all around a large room. With the use of an extension hose, you can even clean an entire stair case without need of moving your vacuum.


10. Crevice Tool

One of the ideal accessories for reaching tight spaces for cleaning is a crevice tool. With the aid of a crevice tool attached at the end of hose of your vacuum cleaner, you will be able to reach for cleaning around all tight places for example windowsills. All the hidden dust and dirt will be captured well with the use of this tool.



With the use of right kind of accessories along with your vacuum cleaner, you will be able to make cleaning chore an enjoyable task for every day. Vacuums are need of every house and living space but having right accessories is extremely important with a vacuum to reap all the benefits of this useful appliance. With accessories available online, you need not to change your vacuum cleaner and buy a new one for certain changes in your cleaning requirements. Just grab the right tool and stay in budget for a powerful house cleaning job.

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