The Best Way to Deep Clean the Hardwood Floors

Last updated on August 30th, 2022

Is your house made of hardwood? Are you looking for better and more efficient ways to clean your floor? Well, cleaning the floor is one of the fragile things that you need to know.

Clean the floor with great caution and care. If the cleaning process is not okay, it can affect your level. It is important to have a deep cleaning of your floor once in one or two months to keep it shiny and clean. The following are some of the great tips for deep clean wood floors to make sure that it is spotless and keeps it shining for a long time.

Before starting the deep cleaning, it is important to have some preventive measures that will ensure that you’re deep cleaning is effective. Placemats on the outside of exterior doors and also inside to minimize dust carried into the house from the outside.

In case during cleaning, it is raining, or there is snow, make sure that there is an area for removing boots when one is coming from outside so that there is no damage to the floor by the water or the ice carried by the shoes.

how to deep clean the hardwood floors

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Great Tips to Deep Clean the Wood Floors

The following are some of the excellent ways to clean the wood floors:

1.      Sweeping

To start the deep cleaning process make sure that you remove all the dust that has accumulated on the surface of the floor by sweeping it. You can use a lightweight broom or stick vacuum with soft bristles and ensure that the sweeping is thoroughly and evenly done all over the floor.

2.      Vacuum Cleaner

It will help you to remove any dust that has remained while sweeping. You can use a variety of best and most effective and reliable vacuum cleaners. Using a floor brush in your vacuum cleaner can help you get significant results with this process. However, you need to be careful with which vacuum cleaner you are using as those with a beater-bar attachment can affect the floor finish.

Having a strong hardwood cleaner can help in keeping your floor clean and a pleasant sweet smell on your floor which makes it attractive. In this process use the solutions as specified, have a damp mop, and wipe the floor gently but evenly all over. Ensure that there is no collection of water anywhere on the floor as this can damage your floor. If it is in humid weather, you can use a fan to fasten the drying of the floor.

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3.      Stain removing

After the cleaning, you have to make sure that the floor does not have stains anywhere. If there are any stains, use a suitable stain remover on a soft piece of cloth. Besides using a powerful vacuum, the steam mop is another option that you can consider to remove stains on the hardwood floors.

4.      Waxing and buffing

Once the whole cleaning process is over, you can wax and buff your floor, and this is advisable for levels that are well suited to this. You can confirm from your manufacturer if this process is excellent for your floor. Ensure you closely follow the directions given by your manufacturer or else this will affect the warranty of your floor. It is also important to sand and has a new finish on your floor if it is damaged.

In the process of deep cleaning your wood floors, it is important to have these factors in mind:-

  • In case you want to do a deep cleaning of the floor and you lack a mop cleaner, and you are looking for an alternative to this you can use a cloth diaper as it is soft and absorbent.
  • It is important to dust your floor if vacuum cleaning is not applicable. It will ensure your floor lasts for a long time.
  • Most people like to use diluted vinegar in deep cleaning their hardwood floors instead of using solutions best made for cleaning the floor which are available in markets. However, this practice is not okay as it makes your floor dull and you have to avoid the practice.
  • It is best practice to vacuum clean your floor and if possible on a daily basis and if impossible then have the cleaning at least once a week, also ensure that you don’t use cleaners with beater brushes as they can destroy your floor.


Wood floors are great when used in our homes. However, to maintain their good looks and keep them clean and shining every day requires one to clean them regularly. The process of cleaning the floors requires great care and attention as it can negatively affect the floor or destroy it.

It is advisable to do a deep cleaning of your wood floors most probably once every month or two. The above tips will help in deep cleaning your floor to have a beautiful, shining, and clean floor every time and avoid damaging it in the process of cleaning.

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