Dyson Ball Multi Floor Review – Is it Worth the Price Tag?

Last updated on August 29th, 2022

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Canister VacuumIf you are looking for a quality vacuum, considering Dyson Ball Multi floor canister vacuum (formerly DC39 Origin) is one of the best solution. It’s a full-size canister vacuum of Dyson with a ball technology that aims for a much better maneuverability.

This Dyson Ball Multi floor canister vacuum works efficiently compared to other wheeled vacuums that you typically find in the market. It’s suitable to clean all types of floors at your house.

With Dyson Ball Multi floor, you can clean your area even at the mid-night as it’s engineered for reduced noise levels. It has great suction power because this cleaner uses a patented technology that maximizes the suction power.

Also, this vacuum does not lose suction power as you clean your place and there is no bag to replace. There are plenty of great features as outlines below. This Dyson Ball Multifloor operates silently and can be stored in any room or space.


Discover The Great Features of Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum

The following are some of the top features of this canister vacuum:

  • Suction Power – The 275 air watts is a powerful suction to clean a house.
  • Patented Dyson Technology- the engineers of Dyson are constantly inventing and testing. They try to seek for new and innovative ways to build a product that has better technology. Dyson engineers don’t want to make something that is just a replica of other technologies used by other manufacturers. That is why the inside of Dyson Ball Multifloor canister vacuum is hundred percent patented Dyson technology.
  • Latest Radial Root Cyclone Technology- ordinary or regular vacuum cleaners use bags to trap dirt and dust. However, this seems to fail and as it results to clog up machines. This machine does not rely on bag or something to trap dirt and dust. They have cyclone technology that spins air at extremely high speeds thus maximize suction power.
  • Ball Technology- all Dyson ball cleaners make use of ball technology to get rid of fixed wheels. This technology allows you to move with ease. The ball holds the motor of the cleaner to lower the center of greater stability and gravity. That is why this vacuum cleaner of Dyson can guarantee you that it will not dig up your carpet.
  • Reduced Noise Levels- one of the most concerns of vacuum cleaner owners is the noise of these items. With Dyson Ball, you can operate with a relaxed mind. The essential parts of this item are situated in the ball. So, there is no loud noise.
  • Triggerhead Tool- bending down is not required if you will use this tool. You can control it by using the fingertip control switch when used in delicate rugs or hard floors.
  • Central Steering Mechanism- this mechanism is for a better control. This would make your job much easier.
  • 5-year warranty periods (parts and labor) – Unbeatable long warranty and they have an amazing customer service support (both online and offline).
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Let’s Look At The Pros and Cons of Dyson Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum


  • Built to last. Made from hundred percent high quality items – ABS and polycarbonate. So the maintenance cost is low.
  • It has sleek and compact design, bagless, lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • No complicated assembly. You can use it within a few minutes after getting it out from the box.
  • Suitable for anyone especially for those that has various floor types at home. Those with pet hair issues can get the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal.
  • Its performance is extraordinary – quiet, constant powerful suction & high dust removal.
  • It use a non-removable HEPA filter captures allergens, releasing cleaner air.
  • The vacuum power cord is about 21.7 ft long, so you don’t need to plug and replug as you move from room to room. The retractable cord which will give you ease when moving around.
  • The maximum reach of 32.8 ft let you clean smoothly in different kinds of floors. Brushes effectively and would let you get annoyed when using it on rugs or carpets.


  • Dust canister is a bit smaller so if you have multiple pets, you’ll probably need to empty it 2-3 times in cleaning the house.
  • The power brushes do NOT work well with hard floors especially if you have large particles, so you can solves this problem by purchasing the Dyson Articulating hard floor tool.
  • Little pricey but the quality counts.


The Dyson Ball Multifloor VS Dyson DC39 Animal Comparison Table

If you are aware, you should know that Dyson also release the DC39 Animal that are more suitable for those that having animals at home. Let’s see the comparison between them.

Dyson Vacuums & Features
Suction Power275 a/w275 a/w
Radial Root Cyclone technologyYesYes
Ball TechnologyYesYes
HEPA FiltrationYesYes
Cleaner HeadTriggerhead toolTriggerhead tool
Cleanerhead Width10.4 in10.4 in
Engineered for pet hair pick-upNoYes
Engineered for reduced noise levelsYesNo
Cord Length21.7 ft21.3 ft
Hose Length10.0 ft10.0 ft
Maximum Reach32.8 ft32.8 ft
Retractable CordYesYes
Bin Capacity0.53 gallons0.53 gallons
Hygienic bin emptyingYesYes
Tools IncludedCombination tool, Stair toolTangle-Free Turbine tool,
Combination tool, Stair tool
Suitable Floor TypesAllAll
Parts and Labor Warranty5-year5-year

If you get the Dyson Ball Multi floor canister vacuum now, you will receive the following items:

  • Dyson Ball Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner.
  • Operating manual.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Product registration card.
  • Triggerhead tool is the only turbine head controlled at the handle.
  • Combination crevice/brush tool for easy cleaning.
  • Stair tool removes dirt and dust from corners and against vertical edges of stairs.

Still not convince? We recommend you read the real customer reviews or comments that are available online. As most customers write a pretty long review, so it’s good for you to read it yourself online.


Conclusion: A Good Canister Vacuum That You Can Rely On!

With the mentioned pros of Dyson Ball Multifloor canister vacuum, there’s no doubt that it is a good item especially for those that has different floor types at home. For those who want to get rid of dog hair or cat hair easily, the DC39 Animal model is your choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your money on useless and ineffective vacuum cleaner and get this product of Dyson. This would give you numerous benefits and can do the job flawlessly.

If you still have doubts whether Dyson Ball Multifloor is right for you, take advantage of special offer available on Amazon.com. We just do some research for you and found that Amazon offer the best price with free shipping among the major online stores.

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