How to Buy a Used Canister Vacuum Cleaner? 15 ‘Must-Know’ Tips

buying used vacuum cleaner

Have a limited budget? You get different options! You can opt for a cheap low budget canister vacuum or can opt for purchase of a used vacuum cleaner. Saving money with a used or repaired vacuum is a good deal for your budget.

However having good value out of this good deal would completely depend upon how you inspect the vacuum cleaner before actually paying for it.  The used canister vacuums would also suit you best if you are starter or you would like to have a second vacuum to your existing full featured cleaner.

Choosing the most appropriate vacuum requires you to decide on what to buy and from where to buy? In this section we have highlighted some tips that would guide you in making your decision keeping in mind what to check before purchasing a good used canister vacuum.


15 Tips for Buying a Used Vacuum Cleaner

When you want to get a used cleaner, put into consideration all the components you may want in a new one. This will save you a reasonable amount of cash and also serve the purpose of a new one. Here is what you should look out for:

  1. Identify Your Needs

Conducting a thorough research of what type of a vacuum cleaner you want will make it easier on you. It will prevent you from wasting your money on buying one that won’t serve the purpose.

Note that it will be hard for you to find a used vacuum cleaner with the exact characteristics as the one you want to buy. It is, therefore, advisable to research on various types and brands so that you have a variety to choose from.

  1. User Reviews

Check for ratings and reviews by customers who have a similar model and check for their experiences over years or normal use. If possible get reviews of users who have owned similar vacuum for as long as the age of the vacuum you plan to buy.

Also review if they have mentioned ownership cost like servicing, filters replacement etc. There are some vacuum cleaners that are quite expensive to repair. One of the great places that you can read the genuine reviews is

  1. Condition

This factor would include the age of canister and how canister has been maintained? While searching for a good vacuum, always restrict your search to products that are in excellent or at least good condition. Fair condition products would be cheaper but the price difference may give you unreliable poor performance.

Look out for fading, scarring and tearing these indicate aging. If the vacuum cleaner appears beaten and fairly old it would signal that it has been roughly used and abused. Some even had broken and after repaired, they will sell it as a refurbished vacuum.

It may also signify that regular maintenance of the vacuum is not taken care of and buying such product would only increase your troubles rather than offering you ease of cleaning.

  1. Performance

You can check for suction power of used vacuum cleaner against your hand. Having a poor suction would indicate bad performance. You should not expect used vacuum to have excellent power.

  1. Cleanliness and Odors

Used vacuum cleaners put your home at the risk of bacteria, allergens, and molds. This will only happen if the vacuum cleaner you are about to buy was not properly cleaned. In order to diagnose the hygiene of the vacuum cleaner you want to purchase, it is essential to check the dirt collecting canister, filters and hoses. Make sure that they are in high levels of hygiene.

It is true that a good vacuum cleaner gives you a healthy living environment however at the same time a rugged vacuum may harbor pests, bacteria and other allergens in your home that would be harmful for your health.

  • Check for odors that you can detect while the vacuum is operational. A mild smell may signify that a non-wet vacuum has been used on wet floor and may have rust. Also the motor could have been affected. In such cases, vacuum usually discharge mold which is harmful for health.
  1. Smell

This is the best way to detect future problems of the vacuum cleaner. If you detect a fungus smell then you should not use the vacuum cleaner for wet flooring. You should know that the motor is about to be burnt if the odor reveals so.

If the owner was using it to clean a home with a lot of pets then the place will smell of pet dander. Do not buy a used vacuum cleaner that has these smells because it will not serve you well.

  1. Parts or Accessories

Make sure that the products you are buying have its parts still available easily in market as later replacement of parts may become an issue. It is better if you buy a product from a popular brand such as Miele’s canister vacuums or others whose parts and servicing is easily available.

Also inspect condition of attachments and tools. There parts of the vacuum cleaner that is easy to evaluate while purchasing it. These are the cord and the plug. Make sure they are in good position as well as all the other parts of the vacuum cleaner. Just by taking a good look at them you will be able to know how they were treated.

  1. Noise Level

Vacuums usually have a standard operating noise. However any other unusual odd noise may mean that there is some problem with either motor or fans or bearings of the machine. Note that the wet/dry vacuums usually have a louder noise in comparison to standard vacuums and this is not an issue it is completely normal.

  1. Price

Price of used vacuum cleaners would be hugely less than a brand new vacuum cleaner. You will find different sellers of a vacuum and thus there will be different prices however these figures will fall in a range. Check for market price of your considered canister and evaluate sellers to make a good buying decision that may be a little pricey but reliable. Check with storefront and online retailers as well who deal in used products.

  1. Warranty

Getting a warranty after purchasing a used vacuum cleaner is the best thing that can ever happen to a buyer. This would mean that you will be stress-free even if your vacuum cleaner crashes. Some warranties cost up to half of the original price.

Usually for reconditioned or refurbished vacuum cleaners, you will find sellers offering a limited warranty in comparison to new buys. Mostly sellers offer 90 days warranty. This factor can be used as a differentiating feature that you can compare if you are finding a similar price and condition deal of a product.

  1. Terms & Conditions

You will find sellers that do not offer return policies for used products however there are some who allow exchanges and returns depending upon certain circumstances specified at the time of purchase. Carefully check for these terms and conditions and clarify any confusion that you might have with the seller before making a purchase.

  1. Reputation of Seller

Any written material may it be terms, warranty or other details would deem worthless if the seller you are buying from would not stand behind it after purchase. You must investigate about reputation of the seller by taking out time to carefully go through reviews, ratings and feedbacks that this seller has received from other buyers. This is definitely a critical step and it could prevent you from facing huge economic losses.

  1. Look for Service Technician

It is important to take the used vacuum cleaner you have bought to the technician before you start using it. This will help get some help and advice on how to use it and also to fix areas that are almost wearing out.

  1. Where to Buy?

You can either go to ebay or local vacuum stores to get and trial those used vacuums before committed to buy. If you buy on the online store like ebay or Amazon, read their return policy or else better get it at the vacuum stores near you.

  1. Have a Spin Done On It

You can’t really tell whether something is functional if you do not test it first. It is important to perform this act whenever you buy a used cleaner. In case the seller denies you the chance to do this, you should avoid them.

Whenever possible, insist on trying out the used vacuum before buying. If you insist looking for a new canister vac, visit our recommendations.


Conclusion: Get a Used Canister If You’re Limited in Budget!

Buying a used canister or any other vacuum cleaners is always a smarter decision if you wish to save some money to spend on other essentials of your household. There are so many options available in market in the form of sellers, brands and models that choosing your ideal vacuum cleaner may be a tough one for you.

Set your criteria for models, price range and condition and you can compare various factors that we have mentioned here to get a reliable used vacuum cleaner.

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