The Complete Upright Vacuum Buying Guide

Last updated on August 29th, 2022

Although this website mainly focuses on discussing and reviewing the different types and models of canister vacuum cleaners, this article will look into the upright vacuum cleaner.

Traditionally, the upright and canister vacuum are two major types of cleaners. People also always compare both types of vacuum to justify which is better. Our editor also writes an article highlighting the major differences between the two here.

So, the main purpose of this article is to guide you on purchasing a reliable upright vacuum in case your house is mainly carpeted. You should know that upright performs better on carpeted floors.


Why You Should Buy an Upright Cleaner?

Why Buy an Upright Vacuum

Yeah, I know there are many types of vacuum cleaners such as upright, canister, robotic, handheld, stick, etc. currently available on the market and that’s why choosing the best vacuum cleaner often becomes very difficult.

And persons who don’t have pretty clear concepts about various vacuums, selecting the right one for home cleaning is much more difficult. People who are still in confusion about which vacuum cleaners they should buy should undoubtedly go for upright vac.

Actually, upright vacuum cleaners have the most popular and traditional designs and have long been the most common type of vacuums in the United States. In the case of the upright machine, the suction head and the motor are put in the same unit and a user has to push the vacuum in front of him. True to say, the upright vac is truly great to use, and its effectiveness often largely boosts by users’ needs and home atmosphere.

Upright cleaner tends to be less expensive and easy to store than a canister vacuum. Interestingly, modern uprights also come with some pretty cool features including self-propelled motors, height adjustment, tool options, wide cleaning paths, dirt sensors, etc. That means you can get lots of cool features at a really affordable price if you use an upright vac at your own house.

This upright machine is really great for people who are relatively older or have problems bending due to pains on their spines or waists. Because this vacuum doesn’t require bending users’ backs while vacuuming unless they are using a hose attachment. In addition, such type of vacuum usually has a comparatively larger head to cover more surfaces to clean which ensures larger space cleaning in lesser time.

Upright vacs have a tremendous reputation for cleaning carpeted floors than any other vacuums. Since these vacuums have motorized brushed to clean the surface, they work way better at cleaning rugs and thick carpets than other kinds of cleaners.

Usually, upright vac bags can hold more dust and debris than canister vacuum bags which ensures saving time and money with less frequent vacuum bag replacement. As there are no accessories to put away or dismount in using an upright device, the storage is so simple. In fact, you can clean the vacuum bag without any prior preparation.

Buying an upright cleaner vacuum can indeed ensure enjoying lots of great features at very reasonable costs. However, this kind of vacuum can tremendously work in some particular circumstances. For example – you have a large house or you need to clean heavy traffic areas, upright is the best.

Besides, if you have to clean deep pile carpets, the upright vac is the most appropriate as its revolving brushes can effectively dislodge dirt and even pet hairs or fluffs. Let’s get into more details about the uprights buying guide.

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The Upright Vacuum Cleaners – Buying Guide

Upright Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

There are a bunch of different things you are going to have to consider when it comes to purchase an upright machine.

Easily the most common type of vacuum cleaner on the market today, there are literally 100 or more options to pick and choose from at nearly every price point – some of them worth absolutely every penny, and some of them a terrible purchase at any price.

Hopefully, you’ll find the information included in this quick guide useful in finding the perfect upright for your specific needs. There are a lot of different things that you’ll need to consider before you pull the trigger on this kind of purchase, but we’ve outlined the most important features below.

1.   Features that the best upright vacs share

All top-of-the-line upright cleaners are going to share similar features, and almost all of them are going to implement or integrate these features in different ways.

You are going to need to look at the options out there as far as the best upright cleaners are concerned to decide which one makes the most sense for you, your home, and your cleaning habits. This is a very personal decision you’re making.

Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of options available today (at nearly every price point) offer consistent and efficient results across the board, so you shouldn’t have to worry too terribly much about making the wrong choice.

Just make sure that your new upright vacuum includes some of the features below!


2.   Inclusion of a completely sealed HEPA filtration system

The first feature that you should be on the lookout for is the inclusion of a completely sealed HEPA filtration system.

Almost all vacuum cleaners produced by major manufacturers today take advantage of HEPA filters, but not all of them are built into completely sealed HEPA filtration systems.

While HEPA filters anywhere along the line are going to improve the results of your vacuum, unless you are collecting all of those particles in a completely sealed system you run the risk of releasing those particles back into the environment the moment that you go to empty out the vacuum bag or canister.

The last thing you want to do is reintroduce you’ve already vacuumed up particles back into the area that you just cleaned. A sealed HEPA filtration system is going to make sure that it never happens. So, the allergy or asthma sufferers should get a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Also read: The recommended vacuums for allergies.


3.   Multi-motor Suction Capabilities

Another killer feature that the best upright vacuums all share is the inclusion of multi-motor suction systems that help drive a cyclonic vacuum platform.

Having a multi-motor system is going to improve efficiency across the board, but it’s also going to allow you to tap into extra power and consistency that wouldn’t have been there with a single motor system.

Multi-motor suction capabilities will allow you to effortlessly transition between hard surfaces and soft surfaces (hardwood floors to carpets, and vice versa) without any real loss in performance – something that cannot be said about single motor suction systems.

This is a major benefit that a lot of high-end upright machines have been showcasing for some time, but one that more affordable upright vacs are beginning to implement across the board.

4.   The smartly designed control module

Upright vacuums have become popular because they take advantage of a smart footprint and an almost effortless control module, but not all vacuum cleaners of the upright variety are as easy to power on and off or control as the rest of the pack.

You’ll want to try and find a system that is smartly designed and takes advantage of ergonomic controls, allowing you to adjust the vacuum or to manipulate it in different ways without having to power it down or stop cleaning in the process.


5.   An extendable power cord that never gets in the way

Upright models are incredibly portable, but almost all of them (not all, but most of them) run off of a corded setup.

This means that they need to be plugged into the wall outlet to run, which (inevitably) involves plugging a power cord into different sockets and hoping that you have enough line to clean an entire space without having to jump from outlet to out.

The best upright vacuum options are going to include extendable power cords that not only reach 30 feet or more without any effort whatsoever but are also going to include automatic retraction systems that let out just enough line for you to manipulate at any one point in time without letting the cord get in the way of you vacuuming.


6.   The ability to effortlessly transition between hard floor surfaces and soft floor surfaces

Every single top contender for the title of the best upright model is going to be able to effortlessly transition between hardwood floors and carpets (hard floor surfaces and soft floor surfaces) without any real letdown in power or performance.

Not all vacuum cleaners are able to pull this off as well as others, and if you have multiple different types of floor surfaces in your home this is something that you cannot compromise on.

Make sure that your new upright is going to give you all of the power that you were looking for, all of the powers that you were hoping for, across different types of floor surfaces. You can check out the reliable canister models for hardwood floors.


7.   Built-in Accessory and Tool Storage Areas

Everything quality upright vacuum cleaner is going to come with a handful of cleaning accessories and tools that you’ll be able to attach to the unit to improve your cleaning efficiency, and most of them are going to accept other accessories from the OEM manufacturer as well as third party producers.

The only problem is, some vacuums do not include storage spaces or compartments for you to easily keep track of your accessories and have them write on hand so that you can take advantage of them whenever you need to.

You’ll want to look into upright cleaners that offer this kind of smart storage space if you anticipate using the accessories on a semi-regular (or more) basis.


The best upright vacuum cleaner on the market today is the…

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright VacuumAs far as the very best upright model on the market today is concerned, we feel that the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vac is the very best of the bunch.

Shark is one of the brands that pioneered with the innovation vacuuming technology that not all other vacuum brands can follow, but this amazing little Shark really takes power and performance to entirely new levels.

It includes a fully sealed HEPA filtration system to trap dirt, dust, debris, and animal dander, and is flexible enough to clean hardwood floors, carpets, and rugs, and even upholstery without ever missing a beat.

Currently, this model is also the best-seller product on Amazon. The odds are pretty good that you are going to love it! Get the Shark Navigator NV360 Upright Vacuum now.



So, this article already highlights the crucial points to consider when you want to buy a new upright-style vacuum. Please note that this kind of cleaner is more suitable for carpeted floors. So, of your home you have more carpets compare to the hard floor you can consider getting upright.

If you are still unsure which upright model to get and do not believe in our recommendation, then visit this link (the Amazon best seller products in the upright vacuum category). You can choose from the brand and model that you like.

We hope this article can really help you when looking for a new upright machine. We’re quite sure that you have learned pretty interesting things about the upright style of vacuum cleaners today. So do some deeper analysis to find out your preferred upright model now.

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