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In a large market like the vacuum cleaner, the competition is high, and there are many competitors. So picking one among all the vacuum brands is not easy?

When you ask yourself which vacuum I should buy, one of the things you must take into consideration is the vacuum brands. Why? Simply because the vacuum brands say basically all you need to know about the vacuum you’re looking for.

Popular, well-known brand will always have better image than some minor vacuum cleaner seller. It might not be the case all the time, but it’s usually is.

Therefore, we picked few top-rated vacuum brands in the market now, some are highly well received by the public, some are less known, and we are going to review each brand, so you would know which brand is more suitable for you.


Top-rated Vacuum Brands in the Market Now

Because choosing good vacuum cleaner starts from the roots, picking your vacuum brand out of all the vacuum brands is a must. Shall we start?

1.) Miele

miele logo

The Germany family-owned manufacturer was founded in 1899 and began producing vacuum cleaners since 1927. The company’s philosophy of continuous improvement has made them a favorite name throughout the world. Their products don’t have bargain prices, but provide value in high quality design and manufacturing that result in superior performance and durability.

Having long time in the industry prove that Miele is another great vacuum cleaner manufacturer that really take care of what consumers needs. The company produces many canister vacuums and most of the Miele canister has average life-span of 20-year.

The canister models are divided into several series like Classic C1, Compact C1, Compact C2, Complete C2, Complete C3, and Blizzard CX1 (bagless series). Of course they do have other vacuum types like upright.

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2.) iRobot

iRobot logo

iRobot Corporation is an American advanced technology company that designs robots for various markets. Not only the known autonomous home vacuum cleaner but also military and police robots.

In 2002, iRobot unveiled its Roomba home robots flagship, which sold a million units. iRobot considered by many the Apple of robot vacuums. Their products have the best technology and the finest design, combining both intelligent and appeal in one great product.

iRobot is one of the biggest vacuum brand in the market, and easily sweeps the first place in the robotic vacuum category. The company has many robot models, as for the home type, the Roomba, Scooba and Braava are the most used and known. The Roomba is an automated vacuum cleaning robot, while the Scooba is floor-washing robot and Braava is floor mopping robot.

When considering buying iRobot, which should be in your mind by now, the Roomba series is highly recommended product. Not only it has the best intelligent among the robotic vacuums, it also won the Reddot design awards. Showing how high quality the product is. You can argue about one’s success, but iRobot wins the happy customers hearts each time, and it’s one of the few vacuum brands in the world which truly worth all the respect and good words they receive.

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3.) Dyson


Dyson has many vacuum products, including upright, canisters, handheld and stick (cordless) vacuums, all which looks completely different from the average vacuums in the market. This is another great feature in Dyson’s vacuums, not only their technology is revolutionary, but the designs and the looks of their vacuums looks unique and appalling.

Just like iRobot is the Apple of robotic vacuums, Dyson is the Apple of non-robotic vacuums. Dyson is another high quality vacuum brand which doesn’t fall behind any high standard.

Having a Dyson in your house is a must, especially because the choice is unlimited and meets any type of household – pet lovers, allergic, super dusty houses and many more. Just go through their vacuums and you will fall in love with them in few seconds.

Some of the very popular Dyson models including the stick (cordless), canister and upright vacuums. Definitely Dyson is a brand to keep an eye on.

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4.) Bissell

BissellBissell Inc. is also among the top manufacturers of vacuum and floor care products in North America.

Bissell is the most known for their upright vacuums, but the company offers much more. They have products specialized for cleaning carpets, or high-tech (steam) mops that leaves the original boring mops sobbing in the corner, while doing the best job it can do.

Also, they have the solutions for pet owners, especially their manufacturer various cleaners that able to clean up the pet hairs and stains. Many people like Bissell because the company produces many affordable prices of cleaning devices while still maintain the quality and performance.

Although Bissell do not produces the best quality cleaner, at least the prices are cheaper compare to the brand like Dyson, Sebo or Miele.

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5.) Neato


Neato or Neato Robotics is a California robotics company that mainly focus on producing the robotic vacuums. Their rapidly became one of the fast growing company in the vacuum market.

The design of their products, which is done in California, is very different from the average circle shaped design of robotic vacuums, and by that they unique themselves from other vacuum brands.

Their robot vacuum model, goes randomly around a room, it travels in straight line patterns, with the help of a laser range finder , and intelligent algorithm that can map the space (room) being cleaned while it is completing its task.

In their newer models, you can control the vacuum from your private smartphone, even when you aren’t at home. Also, the robotic vac is able to continue cleaning at the exact spot where it left off the previous session, after recharging its batteries.

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6.) Shark


Shark is another vacuum brand that produces various cleaning solutions for home and commercial cleaning needs. The company (Sharkninja) are started in Montreal, Canada in 1998 and since that it had sought to become a solid brand in the cleaning appliance.

Some of the innovative cleaning devices from Shark including the upright, stick (cordless), robotic and steam mop. You will see a lot of powerful upright vacuums are comes from Shark that deliver excellent performance.

Website: or see the popular Shark vacuum cleaners.


7.) Electrolux & Eureka



Electrolux is another great electrical appliance manufacturer, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. There is a reason why those two brands are mentioned together. In other words, Electrolux holds Eureka, and while they both have different vacuums, they can be considered as one company.

But here we will not going to explain the story behind that as now the both companies has their names under various types of vacuums, such as upright, handheld, canister and stick one, both are known for different types.

Eureka main focus, or at least it best sellers and the most popular vacuums are their canister vacuums, which some are the best in the market. Their canister vacuums are well received by the public and highly recommended, for its light weight and tiny comfortable size.

On the other hand, when considering Electrolux vacuums, you should check their 2 in 1 vacuums, which combines handheld and stick version of vacuums.

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What is the Choice?

Despite each having its own good and bad points, if I pick a winner, I would go with iRobot as the best vacuum brand among all the vacuum brands. Although they focus only on robotic vacuums, their vacuums do the job just as regular vacuum.

Maybe this time, when you consider buying new vacuum you should grab an iRobot? The options are never ending, and you will get everything you need and more from one robotic vacuum by iRobot. Just like the world used to have small, ‘clumsy’, limited cellphone in their hands, and today everyone has one if not more smartphones, vacuums should be the same.

Otherwise, if you still don’t believe in robotic vacuum, my second choice would by Dyson. Dyson proved to be the best high-quality vacuum brand. Their splendid vacuums, either upright, stick or canister are beyond great. The unique design and intelligent technology will shine each time you will use their vacuums.

For a canister vacuum, I would recommend the Miele cleaners. It has been proven to provide many high-quality bagged and bagless canisters that can last very long. You also can visit the popular online stores like Amazon and see what customers are rating for each vacuum model.

Now is all left is to you to choose your vacuum. There are plenty vacuum brands, and now you have in mind few brands which I personally recommend to choose from. Think carefully which type of vacuum you want to get, and then approach the brand that has the strongest roots in this kind of vacuum type.


The Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are many brands in the vacuum market, but only few can be considered the best in the market. The vacuum brands which were mentioned on the list above make the highest quality products but no one brand can make all of their models very high quality.

When picking a vacuum before looking at the price, color, suction power and such, check the brand of the vacuum. Each brand has its own strong points and specialties. To put it in simple way, each brand has a type of vacuum which it does the best:

  • Canister: Eureka, Miele, Bissell, Sebo, Kenmore
  • Stick: Dyson, Moosoo, Tineco
  • Robotics: iRobot,  Neato
  • Upright: Bissell, Shark, Hoover
  • Handheld: Black+Decker, Shark

If you’re don’t know or not sure about the type of vacuums there is, you can do read the online vacuum review sites to learn more about available vacuum types, and more. In the end, the question “what vacuum should I buy” isn’t as tough question as you think it is. I hope you will have great vacuum experience in the near future!

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