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Last updated on June 5th, 2022

Why do both household users and professional people all over the world prefer Miele canister vacuum cleaners? The reason for their preference over all the other brands is because of their durability, dependability, and maintainability.

Though a Miele vacuum is a bit expensive in comparison to other brands of vacuums, any other line is difficult to match the value for performance given by the Miele canister vacuums.


Company Overview

The Miele company was founded in Germany in 1899 by two German gentlemen named Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann.  Initially, it’s a family-owned and family-operated company and it was known as Meteor, when it started manufacturing domestic appliances like butter churning machines, cream separating machines, and washing machines.

The company started manufacturing vacuum cleaners in 1927.  Early on, the superb quality of the products coming out of the company’s factories earned a huge reputation for the Miele company.

Presently the Miele brand is known the world over for its range of Miele vacuum cleaners and other domestic appliances, which have enabled every household to have all the comforts they have been craving.


Miele – Why It’s One of the Best Vacuum Brands?

The Miele company has always stood for its motto “immer besser” meaning “always better”, and this the company ensured by manufacturing products which could be used for twenty years.

To achieve this target of one thousand hours of operational capability, the company puts each product and its components through rigorous trials and testing before they are sent to the market.

This ensures that the finished product has the high quality expected by customers from the Miele brand. This is why the Miele brand is the topmost name for domestic products in all American households even today.


Why are Miele Canister Vacuums so Famous?

The following are some of the main features that make Miele vacuums stand out from the crowd:

Do the Miele canister vacs come with a powerful motor?

Miele vacuum cleaners are equipped with motors that are very powerful yet emit the least noise. You can expect a 1200-watt, Miele-made Vortex Motor that delivers a world-class cleaning performance. You can do your regular cleaning chores without disturbing your spouse looking for some rest after a tiring day’s work, or your baby having a peaceful nap.

It uses a HEPA filter or not?

The Miele vacuum canister has been incorporated with industry-leading HEPA filter technology to give you the best air filtration and air purification system in the world with an auto seal clean filter bag. However, not all the Miele vacuum models come with HEPA filters but their AirClean Sealed System is also very efficient.

Do you suffer from asthma or are you allergic to dust?

A good filtration system available for most Miele vacuum cleaners senses the allergen concentrations on the floor being swiped. It gives you a visual display of the level of allergens present by the different colors of the light mounted on the head, red when the floor is dirty, amber when the dirt level is low, and green when the floor is as clean as hygienically possible. With this feature, you can be sure how many allergens are being re-circulated into the air by the vacuum cleaner.

What happens to the dust, pet hair, and allergens collected by the Miele Vacuum cleaner?

The dust bags in Miele vacuum cleaners are made from a fibrous material, which retains most of the minuscule dust particles, pet hair, and allergens. The dust bags are self-sealing on removal thus stopping any dust or hair from spilling out and polluting the air.  They can be disposed of easily and replaced by new ones.

Worried about how the Miele vacuum cleaner looks? 

Don’t worry at all, for the Miele canister comes in different colors to suit your tastes.  It can easily blend into the panels and upholstery of your house or give your living room an aura of joy with its vibrant colors, like:

  • Mango red
  • Melon yellow
  • Metallic Blue
  • Pearl White
  • Polar Ice
  • Luna Silver
  • Deep Black
  • Mahogany Brown
  • Almond Brown
  • Midnight Purple
  • Lotus White

Is Easy Foot Switches any good?

You can thus avoid bending over to change the settings, thereby reducing backaches. Miele vacuums are also equipped with footswitches for rewinding the power cable at a slow speed, in order to avoid injury to you and damage to your furniture.  This feature is available in all Miele vacuum cleaners though it is considered an extra by most other brands.

Let’s check the Miele vacuum attachment

Miele vacuum comes with many great attachments like Combination floor and rug tool (SBD 285-3), Parquet Twisted Floorhead (SBB 300-3), Turbo Brush Floorhead(STB 205-3), and more. Those tools can help you clean the hard floors and area rugs faster and are also very efficient when dealing with pet hairs.

The tools which come with it, differ with each model and sometimes can be added to the list which comes by default as per your requirements. Other attachments that you may get include crevice tools, dusting brushes, as well as upholstery tools.

7-year warranty!!

All Miele vacuums come with a 7-year motor and casing and 1-year for all other components. This feature alone can clearly see the difference with other brands as most of the vacuums out there only offer one year warranty.

All these features add to the popularity of Miele canister vacuum cleaners. You can experience value for money, which the fabulous Miele vacuum cleaner stands for when you buy one for yourself. All models of the Miele canister are almost identical with only the features and the attachments available with each model being unique for the different kinds of cleaning.



After all, Miele is a brand that you can trust! If you are thinking to get a new canister vacuum, do consider the Miele as one of the options. Although you may think that its price is higher than other brands, the performance and reliability can speak for themselves.

Whatever may be the different objects you want to clean, like hard floors, wooden floors with or without carpets, furniture, surfaces underneath them, rugs, upholstery, curtains, and even beds, the Miele canister vacuum has a solution for any kind of cleaning you imagine.

So why wait? Get one today!


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