Severin Germany Vacuum Cleaner, BC 7055 Review

Last updated on August 29th, 2022

Severin Germany Vacuum Cleaner BC 7055The Severin’s vacuum cleaner model BC 7055 is one of the highly-rated vacuums that has ever existed in the vacuum industry. The brand, which is innovative, is almost very available right now. As one of the best budget cleaners, it cleans both carpets and hard floors.

You can handle it very easily, it’s fast to use, and the range of its function is very versatile. There is a premium-eco nozzle for the floor that has rollers which is switchable from the vacuum, an extra big parquet nozzle and also a huge ergo-soft handle that is with a click connector.

The vacuum cleaner is included with 3 sets of accessory. It also comes with an extra-long large telescopic tube that is easy to touch and a premium hose suction that is huge. This has a filter for motor protection that comes from hygienic fleece with dust bags, which are microfiber and with hygiene lock.

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The Great Features that Severin Vacuum Cleaner, BC 7055 Holds

Every vacuum model is slightly different in term of features and the materials used to build it, so we highlight the product features here.

  • The lightweight model that’s power with 750W motor and it has a system called Power Airflow which offers high suction power with the optimum combinations of fans and motors on nozzle.
  • The item is very agile and can be carried easily with the comfortable carrying handle. This plus with 3 rubberized wheels for easy movements.
  • It includes HEPA media filter, the environment will be much healthier. With this kind of effective filter, the air that was blown is 99.995% clean. And the air that was sucked is free from dust, from polled, or mite allergens, and molds, also spores, and also the odor.
  • The Severin vacuum uses premium hose and easytouch telescopic to extend the cleaning radius. Now the telescopic tube has sleeves that make adjustments of the length very effortless.
  • This is a bagged canister vacuum. It used a dust bag that has 4 layers of microfiber and also comes with a hygienic closing which helps keep away the dust and weird smells.
  • The vacuum has a wide floor nozzle that’s hard and stands 11 inches. This is ideal when you are vacuuming the joints and the edges of a room. It’s all thanks to the slim design it has, places that were hard for you to reach before won’t be troubling you anymore.
  • The machine is accompanied with 3 accessories including upholstery, furniture and floor nozzles. The ergo soft grip that is in large size is very convenient with its shape that’s ergonomic.
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These are some of the great features that the Severin vacuum holds.  Impressive, right? It makes you want to order one online right now!


The Pros and Cons of This Machine

After the great features of the vacuum, there will always be the pros and cons of an item. You can never avoid them; nothing can ever be perfect. So, let’s get to it!

The Good:

  • It’s a compact design and lightweight. You won’t be having a hard time bringing it room by room when you are cleaning your house even if you own a mansion!
  • A quite vacuum with sound level of 76 dB let you do the cleaning anytime even at night. You won’t be trying not to get irritated by the sound which normal vacuums make you can even probably dance to your favorite music while vacuuming your living room.
  • This canister vac is made by Germany. A sealed system and large dust container of 4.0 L capacity enabled more dust can be collected. Suitable for allergy or asthma sufferers.
  • The price of the Severin vacuum cleaner is at a very affordable, a lot of people who have ordered one admit it! The price is truly good not like other vacuums that are expensive and just break after you use them for some time.
  • It comes with several attachments like XL-parquet nozzle, floor nozzle for carpets and hard floors, and other 3 accessory to help you do the cleaning even easier and faster.

The Not So Good:

  • When you are using the hose made out of plastic, some users have said that they are stiff, which make it harder to maneuver.
  • Some say that they are not that good when it comes to carpeted floors, and little hard to move around probably because they don’t has roller brush.


Conclusion: This is a Good and Budget Cleaner!

If you are looking for a new vacuum, you should purchase this amazing Severin vacuum cleaner right now. There might be some weaknesses that the vacuum has but it also has many strengths!

You’d have so much fun cleaning with this because, as I told you, it works quietly and you can maybe sing or dance along with your favorite song. There are a lot of vacuum cleaners that exist in this world and some of them might be greater than Severin’s but there might also be some that don’t work well as the this vacuum cleaner does, and to be honest I’d also go for this one.

It is actually liked by a lot of people, even though it has some parts that still need some work but all in all that Severin vacuum cleaner works so great and it’ll be perfect for you. So, I hope that you have learned a lot from this Severin Germany Vacuum Cleaner, BC 7055 review and I hope you make a wise decision!

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