How to Vacuum Your Stairs Perfectly?

Selecting the right kind of vacuum cleaner is crucial for effective cleaning of your house and working space and this falls true for stairs cleaning too. Whether you have hardwood stairs or carpeted ones, regular cleaning is required in order to maintain their surface well so they can last for a longer period of time without requiring much of maintenance other than cleaning.

Thus it is important to learn about right ways of taking care of your stairs with vacuuming on a regular basis. These simple tips shared here are for those who are responsible for everyday household cleaning.


Having Right Vacuum for your Stairs

Reviews suggest that one of the best tools to have for your stairs is a hand held vacuum cleaner having a motorized brush roll attachment. Also a stick vacuum cleaner that has light weight is viable choice for effective cleaning but you certainly wouldn’t buy a vacuum cleaner just for stairs.

A full size heavy weight vacuum at your house would make cleaning of stairs impossible. These are too bulky and heavy to be carried all the way through stairs for proper cleaning.

So it is best to check reviews of a canister vacuum or upright vacuum and choose the best model for you with right attachments for your stairs cleaning. The most suitable choice to reach all corners and for cleaning each stair is a canister vacuum.

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Important Tip for Vacuuming Stairs: When you begin to vacuum stairs, the methodology should be starting from the top and cleaning your way down.

Frequency of Vacuuming: If you have stairs that witness high traffic, it is best to vacuum them twice or thrice a week. However if these stairs are seldom used, you may get cleaning done one a week or once in two weeks.


Vacuuming Carpeted Stairs

Vacuuming Carpeted StairsCarpeted stairs give you added safety, texture and add beauty to the appearance of your stairs. But carpeted stairs at the same time require regular cleaning or these may become house of dirt if not taken care properly. Regular cleaning of carpets makes a huge difference in their appearance.

Here we have shared some advices for effective cleaning of carpeted stairs that witness high traffic and would need regular cleaning to make it appear as good as new:

Frequent cleaning of your carpeted stairs would give them a fresher and cleaner appearance!


Vacuuming Hardwood Stairs

Vacuuming Hardwood StairsFor all those who have hardwood stairs in their living space and are facing trouble with every day cleaning, here mentioned are some quick tips that must be remembered and followed for taking care of your stairs during cleaning:

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Committing yourself for regular cleaning of stairs is important both in case of hardwood or carpeted stairs in order to get best results with vacuuming. In order to maintain a beautiful looking staircase, you need to work on its cleaning and maintenance on daily basis which is not difficult with the presence of a vacuum cleaner. It is best to have a canister vacuum as these are light in weight, easy to move and versatile vacuums with varied attachments for complete household cleaning. Make sure to maintain your vacuum well in order to get better cleaning done.

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