How to Vacuum Your Hardwood Floors?

Have a vacuum cleaner to keep your hardwood floor but how to use it in the right way could be a not easy question. The machine has a simple turn of the belt lifter, allowing you transform it in to a straight suction conveniently. This features help you prevents brush roll from spinning and avoids potential scratching of delicate wood floors.

Vacuum cleaner is mainly used to clean up the dust & dirt and pet hair, bring you an all-rounded way to daily care floor. There could be many combination of flooring like carpet, wood and tile.

So for each kind of surface, the vacuum machine must have corresponding features to meet its main function. Using the cleaner sounds very easy but it is also essential to remark some points to have its effect and your house kept clean as wanted.

how to vacuum your hardwood floors

To be specific, it could give an example how to use the vacuum cleaner of my sister. Usually, people vacuum throw rugs when cleaning the floor. However, she shakes them outside or onto the floor before vacuuming what comes off the carpet right on the door.

There is an extension wand/cord on her canister vacuum that allows her to go longer distances without moving the plug. She could go around her house to do it. She always reminds me to avoid vacuuming any tiny tiles from the floors.

It will damage the machine before it is capable for cleaning your floor. Also, keep vacuuming frequently because your floors always have pet hair (if you have pets).

My sister mentioned above could be one of many popular people using vacuum cleaner for their hardwood floor. However, whether their usage is right or not must depends on many sectors. More importantly, you must get which vacuum cleaner best for your hardwood floor and understand how to use it in the most effective way.

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Important Tips for Having Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

The following are some of the crucial tips when you want to get vacuums for hardwood floor:

1.      Have your vacuum with rubber wheels

The vacuum having rubber wheels is gentler on the flooring than hard plastic wheels. Because the plastic wheels must scratch the surface when you slide the vacuum cleaner sideways your floor is at the risk of damages.

For the rubber wheels, you vacuum the floor and move it everywhere smoothly. The movement of rubber wheels does not cause any scratches and hence, protect the floor at safe surface.

2.      Have alternatives to vacuum hardwood floors

Sometimes, you also use a slightly-damp mop to clean your wooden floors with the vacuum cleaner at the same time. A dry mop remains the ideal way to collect dirt and dust from hardwood flooring, laminate other kinds. It is necessary to thoroughly wring out the mop.

You are possible to mix teabags and water when mopping the floor. The tannic acid from tea brings floor shine and makes it brighter. In addition, always make sure that your floor is dry.

Thus after mopping the floor, you might also dry the flooring with a towel or put a fan to evaporate excess water. It is always necessary for case of hardwood floor.

3.      Should not have vacuum beater bars

In the vacuum, you could see the beater bar that is usually called the bristle bar. This allows you to rotate brush on the bottom to modify its direction responding to the surface. It also removes hair while letting the vacuum machine suck up dirt and debris.

With carpet floor, it is very friendly but it is seen as the enemy of hard flooring. Moreover, it takes so much time for the bar to rotate. On hardwood floor, the bristle bars can rapidly wear down to the end of the flooring.

As the result, duller surface does not last very long, causing the leaden flooring. The consequent is your house could look worse on keeping them.

For your solid floorings from vinyl flooring to tile and especially, hardwood flooring, a light weight vacuum is more considered than ever. In large scale, a light machine helps your comfortably move it around the house and vacuum dirt as well as dust from any corners.

On the other hands, it is wise advice to choose a vacuum with a hard floors mode that disengages the bristle bar.

Coming from a short range of purposes of cleaning as well as keeping your hardwood floors always be in smooth surface, it is better to learn how to vacuum.

At the first stage, you need to understand what features must have in the vacuum for your hardwood floor and how to use it in order to not only clean but also protect your surface from any scratches and dirty.

There are many differences among floorings including carpet and solid ones. In any retail shops, you could find many delicate machines for carpeted flooring but not used for your hardwood floor. Or right in the solid kinds of flooring, the vacuum cleaners have various selections.

Hence, the most importantly, you need to find the best vacuum for hardwood floor and have fulfill awareness of keeping your floor beautiful.

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Recommended Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Out of so many types of vacuums, the canister vacuum is most suitable for hard floor cleaning. And from our editor’s review, we pick Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor as the overall best cleaner for the purpose.

The Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor comes with following features:

  • Powerful 1200-watt motor.
  • 6-rotary dial speed controls
  • Using Miele AirClean Filter
  • Switch between hard floor and carpet cleaning
  • No-marking wheels to safeguard hardwood
  • Long 33-ft power cord (auto rewind)
  • Three on-board tools
  • 7-year warranty (motor and casing) & 1-year on other parts

Check out the latest price of Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor canister vacuum now.

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