The Step-by-step Guide to Vacuum for a Cleaner Car

Last updated on June 5th, 2022

how to vacuum your carA brand new look of a car doesn’t necessarily would be with a car bought only a few days back; a vehicle well maintained will give you a look and interior similar to a new car. Driving becomes more pleasing and enjoyable if you have a well-maintained car.

A cleaner car speaks about the personality of the owner, and thus it is important to vacuum your vehicle and keep it free from garbage and unnecessary things. A car with a dirty interior wouldn’t appeal, and regular vacuuming will also improve the value of your vehicle.

A healthier environment is ensured as regular vacuuming enables you to get rid of dust, pollen, and dirt particles, so it becomes really important to learn the right ways of vacuuming your car.


Select a Suitable Vacuum Cleaner for your Car

Different vacuum cleaners are now readily available in the market, and thus it is important to select a vacuum cleaner that has all the suitable features for cleaning the entire interior of your car.

Check all the attachments that your vacuum cleaner comes with in order to reach all the difficult areas for cleaning inside your car. It is best to have brush attachments that are wide, soft, and narrow for versatile cleaning. From various types, get the most suitable type of vacuum cleaner.

You can get a canister vacuum, or if wish to have easy carrying and would like to store it in the vehicle, you can get a handheld vacuum cleaner. If you would be cleaning your car at a place far from a power outlet, you should opt for a cordless vacuum cleaner.


The Right Ways to Vacuum Your Car (Step-by-step)

Step 1: The first and foremost task that must be carried out at the beginning of the cleaning job is to remove all personal belongings and get rid of all large collectible trash pieces out from your car.

Step 2: Take all the floor mats out for cleaning. You should shake these mats to get rid of small rocks and dirt that may be accumulated in mats. This practice should be performed over garbage in order to avoid scattering dust particles in your living area. There may be some particles that would be stuck in your mat and shaking won’t help, so you should vacuum clean mats in order to have them properly cleaned.

Step 3: For vacuuming car large floor areas, you should make use of a wide attachment. Before beginning to clean you should slide seats all the way backward for proper cleaning and then move them forward for cleaning well under the seats. In order to reach below the seat’s well for cleaning, you should use an extending vacuum attachment.

Step 4: Now reach the floor pedals and place between console and seats for which you would need a narrow or small attachment.

Step 5: Check the carpet for any stains or areas that are heavily soiled. For all such areas, you should use a carpet or upholstery cleaner. Check directions mentioned on the spray container and follow all the details related to the use of the cleaner and especially the length of time you need to leave the carpet with cleaner. The cleaner must be removed from the carpet as and when instructed with the use of a vacuum cleaner. Repeat these steps if the stain remains.

Step 6: Clean the dashboard, doors, visors, and other such areas with the use of a soft brush attachment.

Step 7: Use a soft brush attachment for cleaning of seats. For cleaning between seats and around their back, you may need a smaller attachment. Always take care of your leather seats while vacuuming as extensive vacuuming may scratch the leather. The majority of the dust from your car seat will be captured in one go. Press the vacuum lightly down through the lower cushions in order to get the dirt between cracks out. Make sure that the seat interiors and creases are clean as these are the places where usually dirt, debris, or crumbs usually accumulates.

Step 8: Now turn your attention to the trunk or hatch area and get rid of any debris or dirt lying there.


Tips to Follow for a Cleaner Car

  • Tips to vacuum carUnpleasant Carpet Smell: Carpets when heavily soiled often begin to create unpleasant odors and it is essential to get rid of that smell for a fresh car interior. You should keep the carpet freshener and sprinkle it after cleaning. You can also scatter a small amount of baking soda over the carpet for the removal of smell. When sprinkled, you must leave it for some minutes and then vacuum again for the removal of baking soda powder.
  • Use a High-Power Vacuum Cleaner: Using a vacuum cleaner of high quality and performance is vital in order to get all the debris and dirt away from your car. A good vacuum will give you an all-rounding cleaning of your vehicle. Many of us consume food and drinks while driving and some amount of these things may also get embedded in your carpet. A deep vacuum cleaning would ensure the removal of all such dirt particles.

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  • Do Multiple Passes over Carpet: Deep soiled dust and debris in your car’s carpet may need you to do multiple rounds. Have the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner faced downward on your carpet and do multiple passes of suction in order to ensure that all the debris that may be hiding in carpet fibers is captured well. Similar techniques and instructions must be followed for dirt embedded on car floor mats.
  • Give a round of Check after Cleaning: Once you are done the cleaning, re-check all the spaces to make sure that you have cleaned everything from the dashboard to car seats to carpets. Check things like door panels, pockets of panels, lighting on the roof, and other small items that often go neglected. Check all corners for any dirt that may still be lying.



These simple cleaning steps would give you a new-looking and appealing car with a well-maintained interior. All you need to do is to compare and select a suitable vacuum cleaner that you find the ideal for doing this job of car cleaning and many others for you.

Having a versatile machine is always an advantage so prefer a multi-purpose cleaner. A cleaner car will give you a more pleasant driving experience so maintain your car well to enjoy your journey anywhere.

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