How You Can Keep Your Homes Free of Pet Hair?

Last updated on May 28th, 2021

If there is one thing that I sincerely love in life that would be my dogs and cats. I have one big adult dog, a cute rescue from the puppy shelter. They are such a family companion to me but I have stay and be honest – my dog makes a mess out of its intent to be curious about my stuff. The other things that I must clean include the shedding of fur, the throwball in his etc. in short, dogs can be really dirty.

Most of the time we are having problem with our pet hairs. But, it is not such a big problem to hire a maid servant to clean up your pet hair. You just have to maintain some cleaning tips to give your house looking like a pet free house. You can ensure a safe and comfortable place for your pet dog to nap on the sofa or your bed.

how to keep your homes free of pet hair

Tip 1: Brush and Bathed Pet Regularly

You should start from the source of the problem. You may brush and bathed your pet daily to prevent excessive shedding. As a result you can keep your furnitures, bed, floor or other places of your home free from pet hair. Regular brushing will help you to keep your pet’s coat well and also help you to keep your home safe. It can give an excellent lineament of your pets.

Use a lint brush always. It is hard to keep your clothes free from your own pet hairs; in this case, the lint brush can help you. But, it cannot help you well if you play with your pet dog and your shirt is fully covered with fur.

In this case, you should change your clothes. You can use a piece of packing tape to remove hair, if you don’t have a brush. You just have to press the gummy side of your clothes and remove hair.

You can also keep your furniture clean from pet hair, if you covered them always. Moreover, you will find a better solution to remove pet hair from your furniture, which you can read in the next paragraph.

But, as it is an article about how to remove pet hairs, it recommends to you to cover up your pet’s favorite sofa. It is easy to clean up your sofa if you cover them with a cover or throw. You just have to uncover them regularly and throw the dust to the garbage.

Tip 2: Train Your Dog

Yes, if you train your dog properly, you can get rid of pet hair easier. For example, you can train your dogs out of certain areas like sofas and beds.

So, train your dog is crucial so your pet can follow your instructions when you need it. But how to train your dog? Well, is a good dog training course that you can buy to help you train your small puppy or adult dogs.

Tip 3: Procure a Lot of Pet Beds

Pet beds are a good means to catch all of the hair loss of a certain animal. Pet beds are not only just for the fancy outlook; these pet beds all catch all of the falling hair instead of bringing her somewhere. An owner must not stingy in providing these pet beds. You should buy at least 3 to 4 pet beds and scatter them in various areas where your pet usually frequents.

Every week, you must make sure that you bring them to the laundry for cleaning to remove any build up of fur or the stench of the animal. Cleaning these beds often shall work to you and your pet’s advantage to ensure the bedding are fresh and clean.

Tip 4: Utilize Folded Blankets

Some animals do not like pet beds. These animals rather go to a place where there is a cloth lying around. Observing this behavior, you can instead use folded blankets in lieu of pet beds. Just like the first tip, blankets serve as a barrier. It protects your sheets, rugs and furniture from the smells of your pets.

The benefit of using blankets is that they can be washed frequently anytime you want. These blankets also dry up very fast, making it a viable option for you. One more good thing of blankets is that you can avail different styles and colors of blankets in various large-scale retail stores.

Tip 5: Use a Special Vacuum Cleaner Only for Pets

Pet animals can shed their fur for several times. Moreover, these animals can scatter many things around the house, tear pillows and also topple various houseplants. These debris and dirt caused by your pets or by you can cause much strain on your machine. You can avoid this damage by keeping a less expensive and smaller pet vacuum cleaner dedicated solely to the cleaning of pets.

Vacuum the pet hair regularly. If you vacuum your floors on daily or weekly basis, you can keep your floors completely hair-free. A single run with the vacuum cannot remove all pet-hair completely, so you should run the vacuum for several times across the carpet from different directions.

The upholstery brush can clean up your upholstery, so you have to use a brush to clean with a vacuum cleaner.  If the problem still exists and you don’t want to drag a vacuum daily then you can buy a handheld vacuum to clean easily. These vacuum cleaners for pet hair are light in weight and easy to carry. You can pull them easily and can clean your floor quickly.

You are strongly prohibited not to use a Swiffer or other products related to sweeping. Attempting with an old fashioned broom cannot give you better result as the dust or pet hair used to cling to the cloth of cleaner. As a result, may be few hairs will be left on your floor. You can use washable microfiber clothes instead of normal clothes in the cleaner.

Tip 6: Lump Your Cleaning Supplies Together

Our pets can sometimes still deviate from their potty training. Sometimes, they pee or poop in inappropriate places. Being a real owner, is accepting these flaws of one’s pets.

In facing this dirty situation, you can cluster all of your cleaning supplies in one place. This makes it highly accessible when you most need it. You can immediately respond to these ‘emergency situations’ without letting your pets’ sins set into place, you can opt to clean the mark immediately so that smell would not stick in your house or furniture.

Furthermore, this would make the cleaning process easier, as you already know what kind of things you need to expect.

Excellent Tips to Prevent and Remove Pet Hair Buildup

Tips for Cleaning up Pet Hair with a Canister Vacuum

How to Remove Pet Hair from Clothes with 5 Easy Ways?

Getting Rid of Your Pet’s Hair on Furniture and Carpets

My house is a ruckus with pets; I have had them for quite some time. Unavoidably, my little adorable balls of fur shed their hair on my carpets and furniture – all throughout my home. I have discovered ways, however, to remove their hair from carpets and furniture without having to shave their luscious fur off them.

Carpet Sweeping

Instead of using the vacuum over the furniture or carpet, I make use of a regular broom to remove the hair of my pet from the carpet or furniture. I sweep the pet hair naturally – just the way I sweep my other non-carpeted rooms.

By sweeping, I not only get rid of pet hair but also of human hair. Moreover, I do this before using the pet hair vacuum so that the loose hair will not intertwine with the roller of the vacuum neither will the pet hair clog the hoses of my ever trusted vacuum.

By doing this first, I will not have to spend much time cutting or pulling the hair off the roller of the vacuum and unclogging the hoses if I sweep the area first with a broom.

On the contrary, if I do not sweep the area before I vacuum it, chances are, I have to unscrew the machine and clean the hose before putting it back. This is due to the one of the hoses attachment to the bottom of the machine. This, in turn, can be a very tedious job for me. Before I discovered this trick, I had to several times take out the roller to clean it from pet hair.

Furniture: Lint Rolling is the Key

I have used a lint roller several times to remove cat and dog hair off of the fabric covered couch and recliners. This normally works as a quick way to remove the loose pet hair from the furniture.

The use of the lint roller, however, will not remove pet hair caught on fabric. I would also advise people to NOT use the lint roller on a fully carpeted area. I shake small thrower rugs outside and then I use the lint roller on them. These are the small rugs I deem cannot be vacuumed over.

Just like sweeping the floor, shaking smaller thrower rugs shall remove the excess dirt and pet hair. The other stubborn or ‘ground in’ debris or pet hair can become loosened while using the lint roller. 

Sticky Tape on Hand Way

If I cannot see my lint roller, what I usually do is that I place an adhesive tape around my fingers. The sticky side shall be facing out while my rubbing hand that brushes the furniture’s surfaces.

Water and Rubber Glove Way

We all know that cats love to sleep on the sofa. This method, the water and rubber glove way will pave the way for the cleaning of larger areas. This is done by the submerging in water the fingertips of people. This in turn, will remove the pet’s hair when the fingers brushes unto the surface with pet hair.


Hope, you can keep your home free of pet hair and these tips will help you clean your house environment perfectly if you follow the tips highlighted in this article.

Remember, vacuums aren’t cheap, they’re an investment which is meant to last a long time, so don’t be too hasty with your purchase. Don’t be afraid to take your time and be sure you’ve put in ample research and test before making the final decision.

This being said, after you’ve confirmed your purchase, let us know here what you decided on and how well it performs with picking up pet hair or just for normal house cleaning!

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