How to Clean Up Dog Pee (Complete Guide)

Last updated on June 5th, 2022

Pet urine is something that will not only stain. It can also leave a strong and long-lasting smell lingering in the air as well. It’s true.

We do love our pet dogs. However, to be honest, here, we don’t love poop or urine. Nonetheless, the best way to get rid of dog pee is a way that will remove the urine and the smell of it at the very same time.

Do you know it and how you can do to accomplish this? This article will guide you on how to do it. Please read on.

how to clean up dog pee


Why do Dogs Urinate Inside of the Home?

Before we look at ways to get rid of dog pee with a very good cleaning. Let’s first examine why dogs do tend to pee inside of the house. Dogs have different reasons for urinating inside instead of outside. Let’s look at a few of them.

Why do dogs pee inside? First of all, the reasons may vary, and this can often be associated with the age and behavior of the dog itself.

  • Puppies

If your dog is a puppy, for instance, he or she may not have complete control over their bladder at a very young age, which is eight weeks or so. However, as the puppy matures, it will tend to begin learning what is expected of it, and peeing inside the home is a no-no. Young puppies will also have little control over their bowels as well.

  • Adult and Older Dogs

Adult and older dogs have numerous reasons for peeing inside. They may have existing medical problems, behavioral issues, or just simply get excited. Some pet dogs may have urinary accidents inside for other reasons too.

  • Territorial Marking

Dogs have far more sensitive noses than do humans. Their noses can pick up a whole lot of information about other dogs such as themselves. They can quickly gain information from other dog’s urine. What are some of this information? It is the particular sex, health, and reproductive status of another dog.

If a dog does wee inside, it is usually because of this fact, and it means they are marking their place to let the other dog know about them. The other dog gains information about them this way.


How to Clean Up or Remove Dog Urine on Different Floorings?

It doesn’t matter what the cause is for a dog to urinate in your home. Because once a dog has urinated in your home, you only want to focus on doing one thing and that is to clean up the urine as best you can. Here are some ways to do that very effectively and thoroughly to wash away the presence of urine. They are:

Cat or Dog Urine Cleaning Techniques Will Vary –

Dog urine cleaning techniques are going to vary. Why is that? Because the type of clean you do apply must work with the specific surface that the urine is situated on. Each cleaning technique will be different for this very reason.

1. How to Clean Up Dog Pee on the Carpet?

  • For Fresh Carpet Stains

The best way to clean up urine for fresh carpet stains is this way.

  1. Absorb as much of the dog urine that you can with some towels. A helpful tip to get, as much urine as you can, soaked up into the towel or towels is to physically stand on it for up to a minute.
  2. Rinse the urine area with plain water. Then, use the towels to soak up the rinsed clean water.
  3. After the area feels dry, do spray an oxygenated or enzymatic cleaner onto the spot, and treat about up to six inches around the soiled area to treat the stain. Don’t saturate the carpet. Spray just enough to cover the whole area. Permit some time for the spray to work and then commence to blot the area to free it of any moisture.
  4. Alternatively, you also can spray the affected area with a natural antibacterial cleaner like white vinegar. After that, pour the baking soda into the vinegar mixture, wait until it dry and you will see the soda can pull up the remaining urine that may still on the carpet.
  5. Finally, you can use the pet vacuum cleaner to clean it.

Watch the following video that shows you how to do it:

  • For Existing or Old Carpet Stains

Old carpet stains of dog urine can be harder to locate. You may need a black light to seek them out. If you don’t use a black light, you may have to locate old dog urine stains in another way, and that is by smell.

Once you have located any existing old carpet stains of dog urine. You should then outline them with chalk and spray them with any oxygenated or enzymatic cleaner. Follow the very same instructions listed in the fresh carpet stains section above.

Some other recommended products that you can use for pet stain and odor removers:

Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover and Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner.


2. How to Clean Up Dog Pee Out of Mattress/Bed/Furniture?

  • For Mattress, Furniture & Beds

Couches and beds can prove to be some of the hardest places to clean where dog urine is concerned. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be done, just that it can prove to be difficult to clean in a number of cases.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a waterproof mattress, if you have pets or little kids. If not, it is highly advisable to use mattress protectors or incontinence pads to protect your mattress or furniture as well. Search for the best mattress protector.

You can attempt to spot clean furniture and mattresses that have been inundated with urine. However, if all else fails, you may have to consult a professional with commercial cleaning equipment to help out.

Watch this video on getting out of pee of a mattress in 5 easy steps:

Here are the 3 items you need (ingredients) – Hydrogen peroxide (8 ounces), baking soda (3 tablespoons), and liquid dishwashing soap (1 drop).


3. How to Remove Dog Urine on Wood Floors?

  • For Hardwood Floors & Walls:

You can use an oxygenated or enzymatic cleaner on hard floors and walls to free them up of dog urine.

However, do be aware of one fact, and that is this. You may have to repaint your walls or re-varnish hardwood floors that get urinated on by dogs or other pets.

Dog urine can sink deep between wood planks, behind baseboards, and underneath the drywall. It can become really next to impossible to free these kinds of floors up completely from the urine smell.

I highly recommend you to watch the following video on how to remove pet urine stains from wood floors:


What Should You Not Use To Clean Dog Urine Up?

There are some things that people shouldn’t use to clean up dog urine. What are they? They are no other than the following. Don’t use:

*Never use any steam cleaners because they can help to permanently set the stain and the odor into your carpeting.

*Do not recommend using any strong-smelling cleaners such as ammonia unless you can do a proper cleanout. They can prove to be the very thing that will encourage your dog to urinate in the same spot. Why is that? Because dogs will try to cover up where they have urinated before.



For those pet owners, keeping their house pee-free is their dream. Now, your dream will come true if you follow the guide closely since we let you know how to get rid of pet pee on carpets, hard floors as well as beds or furniture.

You can choose to use pet urine enzyme cleaner or natural antibacterial cleaner to clean the pet urine. Else, you also can use the carpet cleaning machine to get the dog pee smell out of upholstery or carpets.

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