How to Clean the Curtains – Get Any Type of Curtains Dust-free!

Window treatments look beautiful when they are hanging new, neat and clean. They give your house a completely different and appealing look. Not only that but curtains hanging on your windows protect furniture in the room from being damaged by sunlight and it ensures that you can comfortably stay in your house with complete privacy.

People either use draperies that include heavy lined fabric extended till the floor and on the other hand curtains are usually lightweight unlined material. So, a lot of people are using curtains in their house and hence it’s needed to know how to clean the curtains the right ways.


Cleaning of Curtains Overlooked

how to clean the curtainsThere is no doubt that these hangings look really amazing but maintaining them is a big question that many people often think and worry about. Over time curtains usually collect a large amount of dust, dirt, pollens, oil and other bacteria and these are retained on the cloth.

Though you may witness that your curtains look really clean even if they are hanging over windows for years and may often overlook cleaning of curtains but cleaning them is extremely important.

Cleaning drapery should be considered as an essential part of cleaning before various occasions such as Christmas or New Year celebrations.


Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Curtains

Many of you may find it like a mystery and may have many questions in mind such as:

But cleaning curtains is not as difficult as you might be thinking. Here we are sharing some great tips that would help you in cleaning and maintaining your curtains really well.


Dealing with Curtains that is Not Washable!

cleaning not washable curtainsThere are chances that the curtains that are hanging all around your house are not washable (check label). If that is the case you must never wash them and take them to a professional dry cleaner for effective cleaning and for proper maintenance of your expensive curtains.

In the following cases, you must take curtains to a professional:

In all these cases it is best to use a vacuum cleaner for smooth cleaning of curtains. There are many vacuum cleaners available in market and you can compare different models by leading brands such as Miele canister vacuum series to see the best cleaner with ideal attachment tool for your curtains.



These tips and guidelines would enable you to clean your curtains or drapes with ease and effectively. Proper cleaning and maintenance would not only make your curtains look beautiful but they will last with you for longer period of time and would save you from dust and allergy related problems that may occur with accumulated dirt and dust on your hanging curtains.

So now that you know how to clean your curtains, make sure you don’t overlook cleaning of curtains when you consider a complete house cleaning task.

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