How to Deep Clean Old Hardwood Floors?

Last updated on August 10th, 2020

House cleaning and maintaining is hard and especially when one has little children. However, despite that fact, cleaning house requires attention and usage of the best ways to make sure that the house is spotless and shining.

Cleaning of floors and especially old hardwood floors requires one to be very careful and professional. There are some best ways that one can use to make sure that old hardwood floors are immaculate. Old hardwood floors require great care when cleaning because of their delicate issues.

This article will let you know how to better clean the old hardwood floors. These included removing the dust, accumulated wax, and other great tips for hardwood floors cleaning. See our recommended hard floor vacuums.


How to remove dust from old hardwood floors?

Your level needs to be dust free and clean. There are some cleaning tips that you can apply to ensure that your old wood floor is clean. The removal of dust from the floor needs to be done regularly to avoid the accumulation of excess dust on the crevices of the hardwood floor and make it difficult for cleaning.

  • Sweeping – Use a soft sweeper to rub dust from the service of the floor.
  • Vacuum – To choose a proper cleaner, here are the tips to vacuum your hardwood floors.
  • Mop – Nowadays, many people prefer a steam mop and there are many choices available in the market.


Removing old wax accumulation on the hard floor

Remove old wax by using any cleaning product, although some products like ammonia end up affecting the level and even causing significant damage to it. For the removal of wax, it is advisable to use the products approved by the manufacturer.

Also, applying good wax on the floor service helps keep it clean and shiny. You can use the following process while using the wax on the floor.

  • Use only the kind of wax that the manufacturer has recommended. Make sure that the ventilation of the area is well when applying the wax to ensure that it dries faster and well.
  • Implement the first coat of wax and when it had dried well implement the second and distributed all over the floor. Once the second coat of wax has dried, apply the last coat of wax and let it dry. When the drying has completed using a cloth to buff the floor and give it a shiny appearance, you can also use a buffing machine is you have one.


Tips to Clean Old Hardwood Floors

There are other great ways of cleaning the hard floor:-

  • Usage of water and soap also helps in cleaning the old hardwood floor. However, this needs to be a thorough cleaning to achieve the best results that you want. An excellent type of soap to use in this kind of cleaning is Murphy soap which gives incredible results.
  • Mix vinegar and oil. It is a home remedy for cleaning hardwood floors. Spray the mixture on the dusted hardwood floor and just use a small amount of water as plenty of it can destroy the floor. After the cleaning rubs the floor evenly with a mixture of vinegar and vegetable oil in equal proportions, this will make the floor look very shiny.
  • ​Using steel wool. It is a great way of removing stains of different kinds of levels even on hardwood ones. Use some alcohol on the steel wool and rub it once this is over buff the floor. If this seems not effective in removing the stains, you have to sand the area.
  • ​Have hardwood floor vacuum cleaners. There are many cleaners on the market for wooden floors. Using a neutral cleaner mixed with water is the best option for all sealed hardwood floors. As for the worn patches don’t spray water as this will cause warping which can affect the service.
  • ​Use gliders. As a process of making the hardwood floor look new always use planes when moving furniture in the house and avoid dragging objects on the floor, just carry them.
  • Doormats. Place them at every entrance into the room. They will help in preventing the spreading of dust that accumulates of the shoes when one is walking, as dirt on the shoes can cause surface damage. If you have pets that have the habit of urinating on the hardwood floors, remove the mess immediately. If no one is at home, keep the pets away from the hardwood floors until there is someone at home.

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Maintaining the floor of our house clean is important. However, hardwood floors are delicate, and great care is necessary for cleaning them. The above tips are the best ways to clean such floors. Take care in the process of cleaning.

Use all the tip well and in the right way to make sure that your floor is amazingly clean and prevent it from other damages that can happen in the process of cleaning the hardwood floor.

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