EyeVac Home Touchless Sensor Activated Vacuum Review

Last updated on June 5th, 2022

EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary VacuumThis is the world’s first touchless vacuum that automatically cleans when dirt and debris are swept towards it. Now this 60-second cleaning solution is ready to clean your home simply sweep the mess over to.

EyeVac does the work for you makes big piles of pet hair disappear, cleans up spilled food like cereal and party confetti. You won’t believe all the things the machine can pick up and it’s very efficient.

Once the mess enters the vacuum there’s no escape. It’s so powerful as it can sucks in 21 feet of metal chain without destroying the motor and even a 180 feet of yarn gets vacuumed!

In this article, we are going to review in details about this amazing EyeVac home touchless stationary vacuum, dual high-efficiency filtration corded, and bagless automatic sensors vacuum.


The Great Features of EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum

You can expect some of the outstanding features in this vacuum. Here are the major benefits that you can expect:

  • This is a powerful 1000-watt cleaner that can remove almost all the hair, dust, and debris quickly.
  • The dual HEPA filtration delivers clean air back into the home environment, perfect for pet owners with shedding, dogs and messy litter boxes and allergy sufferers.
  • The secret is the patented intelligent motion sensor. When dirt or debris is swept near EyeVac home, it will automatically activate the cyclonic vacuum which vacuums the toughest debris into the easy dump canister.
  • The large capacity bagless vacuum enables you to keep vacuuming for long time before you need to empty the bin.
  • This unit is touchless, you’ve never touched the mess for a hands-free clean and the large capacity bagless canister (1 gallon/3.8 litres) holds so much debris.
  • The sleek design and lightweight (9 pounds) make it easy to carry around and store conveniently.
  • Perfect for: senior citizens, pet owners, saloon owners and any home, condo or apartment. Great gift for many occasions like Christmas, Mother’s or father’s day, birthday, etc.
  • The stylish, EyeVac comes with several color choices, a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and the filters last for a lifetime.
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The Detailed Video of the EyeVac Home Review

Let’s look at the following video to see how powerful is the EyeVac Home and also see what customers are saying about this cleaner.

Many people love the EyeVac and if you want the most convenient way to keep your house clean just get an EyeVac, it’s a compact and convenient way that’s really can help you clean your house environment faster and easier.

There’s controls at the back, a power button and then you can  set automatically to the auto mode, or you can hit the power button again to go back to manual, and then you’ll just have to push the activate button every time rather than going automatically.

Now you don’t have to lug the vacuum around, in fact it looks so stylish that you can leave it out and use it anytime you want.

As you can see from the video above, there are some messes but the vacuum can fit anywhere you want like your hardwood floors. Also, you can use it to clean many things like:

  • Big pile of dirt – you just need to sweep it in the sensor and see how fast it pulled in that mess.
  • Pet hair or other pet messes – once it senses right with it’s there and anything that’s left in front of it. It’ll clean everything in just seconds.
  • A little bit of cereal on hard floor surfaces – it was fast and easy to clean, you’re never gonna have to bend over to get any of these messes
  • Potato chips – the EyeVac automatically has that sensor and it turns on whenever those messes gets there
  • Kitty litter – goodbye to that whole sweep very fast using the vacuum.

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Following are some of the customer testimonials to prove that the EyeVac is great.

EyeVac is definitely worth to buy!

“I’ve been doing this saloon for thirty years and I love my EyeVac is definitely worth to buy. I want to focus on keeping my clients happy and making them pretty not worried about cleaning. My customers ask what is that, you know that looks really neat they thought it was some kind of decoration and here it was a vacuum – it’s sleek, it’s stylish, it looks great! No way would I have a hair salon and not have an eyevac to keep it clean. It’s always on and I can clean up in seconds.”

EyeVac can suck up even a 21-feet metal chain!!

“With your regular vacuum that would destroy it but this machine going to suck up the entire chain easily. The EyeVac knows when it’s done it automatically turns off but if you don’t believe me we’ll open this up we’ll take out our lifetime HEPA filter and what, not even filling it up we’re will pull this out and remember pick this up in a matter of seconds.”

The eyevac is always on and always ready the mess is cleaned up in less time than it would take to even get the vacuum cleaner out.

One of the great things about EyeVac, is it’s always gonna turn off when you’re done. So it makes it a really smart appliance and because of the dual level filtration system the air that you’re vacuuming is come out cleaner than before.

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EyeVac Home Touchless Censor Activated Vacuum


The EyeVac Home Advantages and Disadvantages

The Pros:

Compare to other types of cleaners, the central vacuum systems cost thousands of dollars, traditional upright or canister vacuums cost hundreds & heavier and you may not use a robot vacuum to clean up, tidying up before guests come over, they’re too slow, and don’t clean specific areas quickly.

If you’re one of the millions of people that suffer from back pain or maybe you’re getting older and just not as nimble as you once were. Lifting one of the traditional vacuums are trying to push it around it’s really hard and it doesn’t have to be an option.

Of course there’s always the broom and the dustpan so maybe you get down here but let’s face it once, you’re down here you may not get back up and then having to sweep it. You do this and look you’re always getting that dustpan line but not anymore with the EyeVac Home, there’s no more lifting and bending.

All you’re going do is just sweep your mess right over to the EyeVac and once you’re close by you’ll get that infrared sensor because it knows the mess is there and it picks it all up for you. When you’re done you don’t even have to clean your broom because it grooves it for.

You don’t have to bend down to turn off the EyeVac as it is always auto turn off right when the cycle is over. So now you can be careful with your sensitive back but you’re still gonna get your house clean.

Well, the price of EyeVac is very affordable and compare to other traditional vacuums, it’s cheaper but yet deliver excellent performance. Check out the latest price now.

The Cons:

Of course there are also cons side of this vacuum. One of the major disadvantages is that you cannot use this unit to do above floors cleaning. Even you use the unit to clean the stair also not easy.

Also, the power cord is not very long but luckily the unit is lightweight so you can easily more from one place to another.

Note: This EyeVac Pet is specially designed for pet owners.


Conclusion: EyeVac Home is A Great Yet Affordable Vacuum!

If you want a truly clean home you have to get an EyeVac, it’s a great floor cleaning solution, it’s faster than a dustpan, it’s easier to use than the normal vacuum and it’s ready to clean when you are just sweep the dirt close to the vacuum.

This can be a little vacuum that sits in your kitchen or a living room or wherever you have hard floors and it’s motion/sensor activated at the bottom. When it’s On or you can do it manually, you don’t have to turn it on every single time, you’re ready to clean your rooms.

This machine going to save you so much time during the busy holiday season cleaning up or if you’re looking for a great gift for somebody I highly suggest this as well.

Also, hundreds of thousands of people already rely on the EyeVac to help them clean their homes that’s why it already has many great stars customer satisfaction ratings on Amazon.com.

I bet you! If you are looking for a floor cleaner that is efficient and convenient, then consider getting the EyeVac Home touchless vacuum now.

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