Top 9 Canister Vacuum Problems and Its Solutions

Last updated on June 5th, 2022

The electrical appliances like canister vacuum cleaner can last longer if you carry out the regular maintenance and take a good servicing of it. Some reliable vacuum machines can even last for more than 10 years.

However, as this is an electrical item that has a life spam and hence you can expect one day it will have problems. If you encounter any problems with canister vacuum, then either you can get them repaired or get a new one. Both these options would need you to spend good amount of money. Wouldn’t it be great if you find another solution?

Have you ever thought that your canister may not be working because of a very common problem that you can fix yourself to make it functional again? This solution would not only save you money but will save you time and efforts as well.

In this page we have highlighted some common problems that are usually found with canisters and these can be fixed by your own self. Let us explore what may be hindering your vacuum’s performance.

Canister vacuum problems and solutions

The Common Problems and the Way to Fix It!

Canister vacuums are a combination of different components and like parts of a human body, proper working of all the components is crucial for effective functionality of your canister machine. Keeping an eye on all the parts is important.

  1. Loss of Suction Power

The most common issue that remains a complaint from canister machine users is the loss of suction power. This problem is not particularly with your low-priced canister vacuum but many others also suffer same. There could be different problems that result in loss of suction power such as:

  • You have not selected height according to the requirement of your surface. You must raise or lower the height level according to floor for example for bare floor cleaning, set the height to lowest level so that canister can seal the floor for complete and powerful cleaning.
  • If the bag is full, it would result in loss of suction power or you may need to consider getting the bagless model. We will discuss this problem later in this article.
  • A clog of hair or any other substance may be in the hose that could be hindering suction power. Detach the hose from canister and clear by pulling the clogging substance out.
  • Another common reason could be if your canister is not airtight. Check if all the components of your vacuum are securely held. If any of the part is loose, it would cause air to pass and thus no suction would be created.
  • Vacuum roller may be clogged. You can get it cleared by yourself with the use of a pair of scissors.
  1. Power Cord

One of the common problems that prevents from most of the canisters to work properly is the power cable. Check to see if there are any splits or if the cord is broken. Avoid using any kind of damaged power cable and better replace it.

For safety reasons, keep power cable away from any liquids. If power cable is the problem area for your canister, then these tips would reduce chances of problems.

  1. Vacuum Filters

Your canister may not be working properly, if the filter is blocked or full of dust. You need to clean up filter or replace according to recommendations of your canister’s manufacturer. Here are the filter replacement tips.

Use filters with complete care and keep a regular check on them. If the filters are blocked, you will encounter less suction power that would not eradicate dust and dirt from your floor effectively.

  1. Bags

Many of the high quality canister vacuums are designed with large capacity bags and claim that the bags are to last forever. However even if these seem to last forever, you should replace them after a specific time to make sure that the cleaner can easily pick up all the dirt and dust particles from your floor.

Also it is better to keep some extra bags handy if in case your canister’s bag gets damaged in the middle of a cleaning task. You can then easily replace the bag. This is especially true for those that having bagged canister vacuums.

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  1. Hose

One of the problems that can be reason for your canister not working properly is the hose.

  • If the hose was blocked with any large items, it’s easier to get it done. You can just leave the hose and soak it overnight with soapy water.
  • If the hose is cracked of damaged, it can result in loss of suction power that can give you ineffective and inefficient cleaning performance. Check to see if you can repair the hose by yourself. If not, then claim the warranty (if applicable) or replace the hose by getting a new one.
  1. Wand

Ceilings and fans are usually difficult to clean with conventional cleaning tools and for that purpose use of canister vacuum is ideal. A flexible wand would be good to clean under furniture however for all those high difficult to reach places you can consider getting a flexible wand.

This will make cleaning easier and will reduce chances of hose to get damaged. With a rigid wand you need not to use ladder or chairs to reach high ceilings and roof but can easily clean with safety.

Check out some of the crucial vacuum accessories to help you clean faster.

  1. Overheated Motor

Another common problem that results in improper working of canisters is overheating. If your canister is overheated, it can cause a permanent damage to motor. If the motor is damaged you can easily replace it with a new one. Replacing the motor is quite simple and you won’t need a pro for this task.

  1. Control Switches

Switches of the canister can break with use over time and if you find any switch damaged, you must replace it in order to avoid any problems in operating the machine.

  1. Wheels

You may be witnessing problem in operating your canister vacuum because of wheels been broken or cracked. If you find such problem in any of the wheels of your machine, replace with a new wheel and make your cleaner functional again.

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So the common problems that you may encounter in a canister vacuum are either vacuum won’t turn on, not suction well, brushroll not spinning or sudden shuts off during use. We got you cover all the problems mentioned.   

For repairing, you can check our guidelines for repairing your canister. If there are multiple problems with your canister and you are finding it difficult to solve, it is recommended that you might replace your canister and get a new or used one.

Full replacement must be done if it is badly damaged and for all other minor issues, you can solve it by yourself. You can either go online or look for vacuum stores near you.

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