The Main Different Features That Differ A Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuums offer lightweight usability to their owners. Features differ between brands and units, and here is an overview to help you determine which type is right for you.

Top 5 Must-Know Different Features That Differ A Canister Vacuum

First, they offer tremendous versatility. Upright vacuums are good for homes in which carpeting is the main flooring. But where carpeting, rugs, and bare floors are all found, a canister is ideal. The flexibility extends to above floor cleaning needs like dusting shelves or light fixtures, or vacuuming upholstery or draperies. Most canisters offer very handy tools for this variety of functions. Many canister vacuums are light enough to carry with ease, and certain models come with a shoulder strap for added convenience. This gives you higher reach, and easier approach to stairs, and greater maneuverability around furnishings.

Secondly, most canisters have motorized roller brushes in the nozzle for carpets, which can be adjusted to a lower speed for rugs, or turned off for bare floors, making the transition easy. They offer better functionality than “suction only” models with no brush. Price of the unit is usually the determinant in whether or not the unit is equipped with a roller.

Thirdly, the quality of filtration differs somewhat across the market spectrum. HEPA filtration continues to be the “state-of-the-art,” and HEPA filter canister vacuums are recommended for those with health concerns like asthma, allergies, or compromised immune systems. When checking product specifications look for “HEPA” where the filter is mentioned, or “Standard” for non-HEPA models. There are other types, including water filtration and conical filters, but their reliability in purifying the air varies. HEPA is known to do a very good job.

Fourthly, the number of units featuring a dust bag and those using a dust cup is about equal. Performance varies, but as a general rule, bagless models will produce suction that is not reduced as the dust bin fills. However, some find that removing and dumping the bin provides an opportunity for dust to be released back into the environment. Canister vacuums with bags will lose some performance when the bag is close to full – though it may not be noticeable. Bags are easier to dispose of, and there is less likelihood of spills.

Finally, reach is improved if the wand is telescoping or comes with more than one section. You might want to add the length of the hose and wand, if provided, to the length of the cord, so you get an idea of your total reach. Having to reposition yourself at a new outlet in the same room is annoying, if not terribly time consuming.

Canister vacuums have proven popular for whole-house duty, but also as portable units to help with vehicle cleaning, or for use in the RV or cabin. Folks with reduced strength will also appreciate their light weight. Those who suffered the allergies and asthma also can get the model that come with HEPA filter.

So, I hope that this article can really help you which types of canister vacuum is most suitable for you and get the most reliable models for yourself. For more info on how to choose a great vacuum, read this article.

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