Best Vacuum for Stairs You Can Buy In 2024 – Top 5 Models Reviewed

Last updated on December 27th, 2023

When you need to clean the stairs, first you need a reliable vacuum. There are a lot of cleaners in the market but not all vacuum machines are suitable for stair cleaning.

Some of them will work well that can fulfill your need. In order to avoid confusion, you need to go for the right vac cleaner with user-friendly features and strong performance. It is essential to do market research about the available products before choosing.

Don’t worry about that, we’re here to help! We have done hard work, research so many vacuums review down to highlight just the best-rated vacuum for stairs. Check out our comparison table, read our vacuum cleaners reviews and buying guides so that when you buy, you’ll get the best vacuum machine for you.

Best Vacuum for Stairs


Top Five Best Vacuum for Stair Reviews

We know you may encounter a problem with which cleaner you should choose for your cleaning needs. The following are our top picks vacuum for hardwood and carpeted stairs:

#1: Best Upright Vacuum – Shark Navigator NV356E 

Shark navigator lift-away professional NV356E Check the price now

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum, NV356E is an upright vacuum that offers powerful suction to clean everything in your entire home. This lightweight, the portable canister has a lift-away feature that you can simply carry using the hose and clean areas which are difficult to reach like stairs, corners, or above floor cleaning.

It features a great suction power that ensures to clean dust and debris from your carpets and stairs. It comes with some additional tools that can be used to remove pet hair from your furniture.

The pet power brush uses to clean carpeted stairs. The dust-away attachment provides excellent performance for cleaning non-carpeted stairs, bare floors. It uses anti-allergen HEPA filters that trap up almost 100% of allergens from your home.

Feature Highlights

  • Lightweight and portable upright vac.
  • Use anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology with HEPA filtration, which helps you fight against allergy.
  • Swivel steering for easier maneuvering.
  • Bagless cleaner with large capacity dust cup.
  • 30-ft long power cord.
  • 5-year limited warranty.

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#2: Best Handheld Vacuum – Dyson V6 Trigger

Dyson V6 Trigger Check the price now

The Dyson V6 Trigger is a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner that allows you to pick up dirt from bare floors, carpets, and upholstery. Handheld vacuums are always preferred by users because of their easy use and versatile cleaning performance. The Dyson V6 Trigger is powered by a digital V6 motor that gives you up to 3 times the faster suction power of any handheld in use.

The V6 Trigger uses 2-Tier Radical Cyclones that make use of 15 cyclones. They work parallel with each other to increase airflow and pick up fine dust. It captures more fine dirt by generating higher centrifugal force through parallel cyclones.

This vacuum comes with some great additional tools; the mini motorized tool uses to remove hair and dirt from small spaces and upholstery. The combination accessory tool has a brush tool for dust and spot cleaning and a crevice tool to remove tight spots. This vacuum ensures the total removal of dirt and debris from your entire home.

Feature Highlights

  • Use 2 Tier Radical Cyclones – 15 cyclones technology to increase airflow and pick up fine dust.
  • Ergonomically designed that fits comfortably in your hand.
  • Lightweight and portable than most other handheld vacuums.
  • Easy to empty the dustbin.
  • Long-lasting battery life.

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Special note: While the Dyson V6 Trigger is excellent, you also can opt for a newer model of this – Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum.


#3: Best Carpet Cleaner – Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional

Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner, 3624 Check the price now

The Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional is a lightweight and portable carpet cleaner that is specially designed for spot cleaning purposes. It removes tough spots and stains from carpets, stairs, upholstery, and area rugs.

It features a superior suction power that efficiently removes deep dirt and clean spot from your steps, carpets. This vacuum weighs only 13.2 lbs that come under the portable category.

It comes with a dual tank system- one for clean water and another for dirty water. This vacuum has also a large water tank of about ¾-gallon sizes which is really a great convenience. The 22-ft. power cord can let you clean most places conveniently.

The Bissell 3624 comes with some powerful attachments like a 6-inch stair tool use to clean stairs and area rugs, a 3-inch tough stain tool to clean stubborn spots or upholstery.

Feature Highlights

  • Specially designed to remove tough spots and stains from carpets, stairs, and upholstery.
  • Lightweight and portable vacuum to move any hard-to-reach areas for efficient clean.
  • Powerful suction for removing deep dirt and stain.
  • Comes with great attachments i.e. Stair Tool and Tough Stain Tool.
  • An extra-large capacity water tank.
  • 2-year limited warranty.

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#4: Best Affordable Handheld – BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH

Black + Decker BDH2020FL 20V Max Lithium Flex Vacuum Check the price now

This cordless vacuum from Black + Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum is another great hand vacuum that needs to pay attention to. With the Lithium-ion battery, this vacuum can reach the max of 20V powerful suction (with no power fade).

The stick vacuum floor head extends the cleaning reach of the machine with the 4ft flexible hose let you do the normal cleaning as well as above-floor cleaning. A rubberized pet hair brush can help you clean the carpets, pet hairs, stairs, and upholstery.

This vacuum featured a 17 Oz. capacity large washable bowl (dust bin) so you do not need to dump the debris every few minutes. It has a quick charging base that can easily get the unit charged when needed.

The multiple attachments included in the unit make it great for vacuuming hard-to-reach areas like under the table, car seats and footwells, stairs, ceiling fans, pet food messes, dirt and sand on the carpet, etc.

Feature Highlights

  • Cordless, compact and portable
  • Easy to assemble, use, and clean
  • 4-foot flexible extension hose
  • Washable bowl and filter (no extra cost to pay for)
  • The battery lasts longer than other hand vacs.
  • 2-year limited warranty

==> Check latest price.


#5: Cheap Hand Vacuum Eureka EasyClean, 71B

Eureka EasyClean 71B Check the price now

The Eureka EasyClean Vacuum, 71B is a lightweight handheld vacuum that was designed for quick cleaning including stairs. This cheap vacuum should be an ideal choice for anyone who looking for the best vacuum for stairs.

It’s so lightweight that you easily move any hard-to-reach area. It is capable of cleaning both carpeted and non-carpeted stairs. With just a flip, you can easily use it to clean stairs and upholstery vertically or horizontally.

The Eureka 71B handheld vacuum comes with two motors, one for cleaning while the other one for the brush. It also comes with a 5.5 amp motor that gives enough power to capture dust and debris from all surfaces. The machine’s weight is about 4.8 pounds.

It has a clean covered bagless dust container that is washable and shows how much dirt has been stored and you can easily make a decision for emptying it. This vacuum machine would be a great cleaning performer for cars, stairs, and upholstery.

Feature Highlights

  • Good suction – great for multi-floor cleaning
  • Best lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner for floors, stairs, upholstery (with motorized brush roll)
  • Easy clean the washable filter makes your home air fresh
  • Extend the cleaning with the hose and crevice tool
  • Easy removed and emptied the dust cup
  • Long 20 ft power cord (conveniently wraps and stores on vacuum)

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#6: Best Canister Vacuum – Eureka Mighty Mite, 3670G


Check the price now

With hundreds of distinct canister model cleaners available for purchase, selecting one which will fulfill your requirements and be worth the cash might be crafty. After carefully reviewing tons of canister vacs, the conflict has been won by the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum. Hands down it performs much better in relation to the contest. And, the cost makes it much more appealing. Everyone can really value what they will find with this particular purchase.

It offers 12 amps powerful motor in order for you could clean your floors right away. It was created to work on other empty floors and hardwood floors but may also take good care of carpets that were lightweight too. Once you have used this canister vac there isn’t going to be filth left behind!

As a canister vacuum, it’s lightweight and simple to move across the whole house. There’s no stress of lifting and taking a heavy cleaner when this is your hoover of selection. It provides a streamlined 11 x 8 x 15 size so that it isn’t hard to save when you’re finished with your chores. Also possessing this machine supplies your relaxation with a 20-foot wire. That makes it simple to clean without stopping to locate another outlet.

The auto shut-off feature is excellent. Should the vacuum cleaner overheat it’ll automatically turn off so as not to blow out the motor or cause other damage to the residence or your machine. Other characteristics that you’re certain to value contain an electricity touch handle as well as a blower interface.

The Mighty Mite’s cost additionally makes it an appealing buy. With one use you’d happily spend much more than this sum, although you will never pay more than $60 for this miniature apparatus. Plus with the one-year guarantee that’s contained, that’s a deal that you can’t pass away!


Best Stairs Vacuum Cleaner Selection Factors

In order to make the best vacuum for a stairs purchase, you need to consider several important factors. The more a vacuum can fulfill the following features make it top rated among its competitors. Remember, you choose a suitable device depending on your needs. Ask yourself, why you need to purchase the vacuum?

Lightweight & Compact

Lightweight and a portable cleaner that allows you to move easily up and down the stairs, room to room, and any hard-to-reach areas where need to clean. The compact design lets you easily stored the cleaner without taking lots of space.

Powerful Suction

Strong suction power is one of the most important factors for the best vacuum cleaner. This suction power helps to find deep dirt, debris from your stairs, bare floors and suck it properly.  Powerful suction technology provides you worry-free cleaning performance for the overall home.

Multi-Surface Cleaning

Some vacuum provides all-around cleaning performance to clean hard surfaces of carpets. An on/off switch for brush roll allows you to go carpet to the hard-floor surface just flip a switch. This multi-surface cleaning technology helps you to use a machine for cleaning everything you need.

Great Attachments

Some vacuum cleaners come with several attachments like a dusting brush, pet power brush, crevice tool, stair tool, upholstery tool. These attachments allow you to clean different surfaces like bare floors, carpeted stairs, non-carpeted stairs, upholstery, etc. Consider these powerful attachments as an important factor for a good cleaner.

Swivel Steering

Advanced swivel steering allows you to maneuver around the furniture and obstacles very easily. This feature helps you to clean dirt, dust, and pet hair from any hard-to-reach area. Swivel steering is another great factor for a reliable vacuum machine.

Cordless vs Corded

When selecting a great tool for stairs, you will need to select between a corded or a cordless cleaner. Corded vacuum models are perfect when you need to clean for a long time. You must choose a cleaner with a long hose for clean anywhere when you need it. Therefore, a cordless machine will be best for efficiently cleaning your stairs.

In my opinion, you need to select a rechargeable handheld cleaner with a powerful lithium-ion battery. This lithium-ion battery provides fade-free power which allows for optimum power efficiency.

Bagged or Bagless

This portion is very important that you need to make it bagged or bagless. You can realize easily, a bagged vacuum uses a dirtbag, while a bagless cleaner doesn’t use a dirtbag. Bagged cleaners are good because they capture dirt in the air, which is helpful to those of allergens. A bagged vacuum is also needed to buy a bag regularly, which is expensive.

When you buy a bagged vacuum cleaner, choose a self-sealing HEPA bag. It traps 99% of dirt, allergens and keeps safe your family member from allergies.

On the other hand, bagless vacuum models need not buy a dust bag. Those cleaners will send dirt back into the air if you don’t empty the dust container very carefully. These bagless cleaners save the extra cost of replacing the dust bag.

Filtration System

A filtration system is another important part of any vacuum device. The quickly washable filter is very important besides efficiently picking up dirt and debris for your vacuum machine. My suggestion in this stage, you can choose a HEPA filter. This filter traps up to 99.97% dirt, pet hair, and fine dirt. It also prevents allergy.

Other Factors

  • Less noise is another important factor. The acceptable noise amount is 70-77 dB range.
  • A long power cord is an extra advantage especially when comes with a retractable feature. An extra-long hose helps you to carry it under the table, furniture, between car seats, and ceiling fans.
  • The durability of vacuum machines is another factor.

Top 5 Vacuums for Stairs Comparison Chart

Before we conclude, here are the top devices for stairs cleaning:

ImageModelPowerEnergy SourceBag or BaglessDetails
Shark Navigator NV356EN/AElectric (30 ft cord)BaglessCheck price
Dyson V6 Trigger100 AWRechargeable batteryBaglessCheck price
Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro5.7 AmpsElectric (22 ft cord)BaglessCheck price
Black + Decker BDH2020FLFH24 AWRechargeable batteryBaglessCheck price
Eureka EasyClean 71B5.5 AmpsElectric (20 ft cord)BaglessCheck price


The Suitable Type of Vacuum Cleaners Matters

Before buying the best vacuum for stairs, you have the option to choose based on a particular cleaning need. You can easily choose the right stairs vacuum between handheld, canister, and upright vacuum.

A handheld vacuum is probably the most suitable and convenient tool for upholstery or stairs. It is a lightweight and compact size that you can carry easily up and down the stairs for perfect cleanliness. You also can use the hand vacuum for cleaning the car interior.

Handhelds vacuum performance is great to clean stairs, upholstery, and carpets. It’s a great performance to pick up pet hair and also it has a hose that helps you to go where you need to clean. But it’s not wise to just get a hand vacuum for stairs only since you also need to clean the floors or pet hairs if you have an animal at home.

So, if you need to clean both stairs and flat surfaces in your home then you can choose either an upright or a canister vacuum cleaner. These types of vacuums come with long hoses that allow you to reach up the stairs and hard-to-reach areas for perfect cleanliness. If you want an all-rounder vacuum cleaner these vacuums can be used in your overall home including floors and carpeted or non-carpeted stairs.

Also read: How to vacuum your stairs perfectly?


Final Verdict: What’s the Best Stairs Vacuum for You?

Now you have seen the best vacuum for stairs comparison chart and read our vacuum cleaner review summaries, so it’s time for you to decide which the right vacuum is for you.

If you are still confused about which model to choose out of our top 5 picks, here are our recommendations.

  • If you just want to buy a cleaner that can clean your entire house including stairs, then get the Shark Navigator NV356E.
  • If you already have another machine for normal cleaning and looking for a single lightweight tool for stairs, the Dyson V6 Trigger will be more suitable.

We hope that you can get the most suitable vacuum for your cleaning needs!

If you have any other questions, suggestions then feel free to comment or contact us using the contact form, we will quick to respond to any question.

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