Why Bagless Canister Vacuum and Not Bagged Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner market has a variety of bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. Both have different advantages and disadvantages. The type of vacuum cleaner that is ideal for you is based upon many considerations like cost, individual preferences; floor types, needs and cleaning efficiency, etc.

A bagless vacuum cleaner must be emptied when dirt container gives the signal of fully filled and then it can be utilized again. Bagless vacuum cleaners are good for those who are allergic to dust, debris etc. They are better on rough floors and work well on upholstery and stairs.

Bags are the technology of the past, while bagless is the technology of the future. There are many reasons as to why people choose a bagless cleaner. But basically if you don’t like to guess when it’s time to change the bag, or pay for replacements bag, go for bagless vacuum.

This article will give you ideas on the factors that you need to consider when getting a bagless canister vacuum. Also, the top models of bagless vacs are recommended below.


Why Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaners?

The analysis of factors needs to be considered while deciding the cleaner you want to purchase of bagless canister vacuum has been given below.

Basics: The task of canister vacuums is elimination of dust particles, debris, rugs, fabrics etc all through the home. These bagless canister vacuums used to collect all dirt in to detachable canisters.
Cost: Bagless canister vacuums are less costly as there is no frequent expenditure on bags. You do not need the substitutes like bags but filters are used in bagless cleaners.
Thoroughness: Emptying the container of bagless vacuum cleaner is a messy thing and it should not be done inside house as dirt and dust ruin the environment of house.
Maintenance: The maintenance of bagless container need regular repair, replenishment of beater bars, replacement of canister seals etc. The maintenance in case of bagless container is costlier than other cleaners.
Use: The usage of vacuum cleaner is another consideration before deciding which vacuum cleaner to choose. How frequently cleaner will be used, where it has to be used etc are important things to be considered before going for the choice of vacuum cleaners.
Convenience: The important feature for which bagless vacuums are favored is convenience. After emptying the canister, the bagless cleaners can be easily dump and kept anywhere. There are no messy bags and no need to hook up bag again into cleaner.

The following picture show simple comparisons between the two, do you agreed?

bagged and bagless vacuum


Bagged or Bagless Canister Vacuum

Well, the two most claimed advantages to bagless canister vacuum cleaners were lower operating costs and better performance. As far as the cost issues go, all vacuums must filter the exhausting air they use to carry the dirt into the collection area, as they would otherwise simply pick the dirt up from the floor and spit it right back out.

Whether you have a bagless HEPA filter, a pre-filter, or disposable bags, they all need to be changed at some point. With the average life of a vacuum cleaner, you can expect to spend the same on either collection system for filters, but if you value your time, you can expect to spend quite a bit more on a bagless system.

To keep your bagless canister vacuum operating at peak levels, you’ll need to empty the dirt container when it is full and perform regular maintenance on the filter. The type of filter the vacuum uses will determine just how much service will be required, although most use a pleated HEPA filter.

Following are some important points to ponder when choose a bagged or bagless canister.

The Cleaning Ability
Even though the claim of better airflow performance with bagless vacuums is true in a sense, over the life of the vacuum you’ll get the same or maybe even better performance from a bagged vacuum cleaner.

With bagged vacuum cleaners, the performance will start at 100% with each new bag then slowly drop as the bag starts to fill. Just how quickly the performance drops depends on how well the bag is constructed. With the average vacuum and the average bag, you may replace the bag every 3 – 4 weeks with 90% of performance the first week, 70% in weeks 2 and 3, then 50% of less in the fourth week.

The short cycle will insure that you get a 100% peak cleaning every 3 or 4 weeks from the vacuum cleaner. The filtered cyclonic machines have filters that are designed to last 6 months, 12 months, and even up to 18 months before they need to be replaced.

What If You Have Pets?
If you have dogs or cats, whether you see it or not, almost all domestic animals shed their fur on a regular basis throughout their lives. Pet owners often wonder as well, which vacuum is the best to remove pet hair.

For pretty much the same reasons that fur sticks to the carpet, it will also stick to your bagless vacuum’s pleated filter cartridge. The fur will reduce the performance of airflow, and is also a pain in the neck to clean off the filter.

Over time, the fiber that makes up the filter can retain odor from pets, even if you clean the filter well. If your filter requires replacing only once a year, you could end up with a vacuum that spits odors that will stink up your house pretty bad.

We have a range of information for recommended bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners which are idea for pet owners, check out our canister vacuum cleaner for pets.

Still, there are many people out there who love bagless canister cleaners. Bagless vacuums will continue at a slow place to gain market share, and people will continue to buy them. For many, a bagless vacuum can be the right vacuum to have.

The bagless canister vacuum cleaners have its advantages and disadvantages in usage. Depending upon the user and the need, the type of vacuum cleaner can be selected. Bagless canister vacuum guarantees cleaning with no danger or risk to health of an individual. Even when children are around, there is no need to worry as it is easy and safe to use. Even if price is an important consideration, bagless vacuum cleaner is a good option.

Check out our favourite bagless canister vacuums below.


Best Bagless Canister Vacuum Recommendations

Following are the top three bagless vacuum reviews:

  1. Dyson DC39 Multifloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

This powerful canister vac is powered with the ball technology that allows you to move and steels smoothly and turns on a dime. And Dyson patented root cyclone technology that according to Dyson prevents allergens from coming back out. It’s suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces including the pet hair. The washable filter can save your money from keep buying a new one. Lastly, although it cost more than other models but long warranty of 5-year make this cleaner unbeatable and worth to buy.

  1. Bissell 1611 Hard Floor Expert Canister Vac

Compare to the above Dyson model, this is cheaper in price and hence it’s more affordable to many people. The compact and lightweight is the selling point for this vacuum but it’s not using the HEPA filter. So if any of your family members is suffering allergies or asthma, it’s not the best choice.

  1. Ovente ST2000 Cyclonic Canister Vacuum

This unit is one the cheapest bagless canister vac available in the market with good ratings. It score high rating as you can see from the major online stores because of the overall performance of this cleaner. Of course you cannot compare this unit with the expensive vacuum directly and it come with one year warranty.

>>See the Full Comparison Chart for the Top 15 Canister Vacuum Cleaners<<

All the best in your bagless vacuum hunting!

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